The £3 billion ultrafast rollout

Scream if you want to go faster

You might not have heard of Project Lightning – but our £3 billion investment programme, to bring ultrafast broadband to more of the UK – is the biggest investment in UK digital infrastructure for more than a decade.

Because if you keep saying you’re here to help UK businesses #VOOM – you’ve really got to put your money where your mouth is.

And if you don’t have 300Mbs in your area yet, skip the rest of this article and type your postcode in here to register your interest, now.

Because where we cable next, depends on who shouts loudest. Areas with the most people desperate for the game-changing power of ultrafast broadband will jump the queue. So, register now and hurry things up – to get a frankly ludicrous speed.

When we launched the Lightning plan back in 2015, then Prime Minister, David Cameron, said, “These 6,000 new jobs and apprenticeships will mean financial security and economic peace of mind for thousands more hardworking families across the country. Together with this government’s rollout of superfast broadband, which has now reached more than 2m UK homes and businesses, this additional private investment will create more opportunities for people and businesses, further boosting our digital economy.”

Obviously, politicians are happy – extra jobs (including 1,000 apprenticeships) and making UK businesses more competitive – all without any public spending? It’s a good-news goldmine.

But as Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media CEO said...

“It’s not just about better broadband; it’s about future-proofing the country’s network infrastructure with the best and most modern technology.”


That is what’s key. Let’s be honest, most businesses don’t need 300Mb when they start up. But no one starts a business without big plans and technology should be a force to power those dreams – not something that’s holding you back.

And it’s already begun, our 40 Villages Challenge found the first 40 rural sites that’ll get their ultrafast upgrade. All based on demand. After the first round of voting, Lightwater in Surrey made it into our top ten. When asked about the win, local councilor, Peter Martin said, “A service of 200Mbps is phenomenal and many people in rural communities can only dream of such a thing.”

This is the biggest investment in UK digital infrastructure for more than a decade. Our £3 billon is expected to give the UK economy an £8 billion boost. And hand small businesses all the speed, services and support you need to really make things #VOOM. It’s like an upgrade for every piece of tech and all your apps.

So if you don’t have ultrafast yet, don’t just register now – get all the locals you know to ask for ultrafast. On a business park? Take a quick stroll over to your neighbours and suggest they register too. It might prove to be the most productive tea break you ever take.

For small businesses, please register at

For consumers, Please register at

And to boost your chances, spread the word to everyone.

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