A handy 8x8 infographic for public sector decision-makers

In the rush to adapt to new ways of working in the wake of Covid-19, the public sector has been leading the way. 

But with all this change comes a new set of challenges, such as reliability of newly adopted technology solutions. Microsoft Teams went down 42 times in the last 12 months alone, for example, leaving remote workers temporarily unable to collaborate, the impact of which could be huge to your community.

How can 8x8 from Virgin Media Business help you overcome these challenges, increase the resilience of your remote working technology and empower people to collaborate anywhere without any downtime?

We’ve created this infographic to answer that question and more.

You’ll learn:

  • The challenges public sector organisations are facing as they adapt to new ways of working and how 8x8 can help
  • How 8x8 can integrate with other cloud communication apps like Microsoft Teams for easier remote collaboration
  • Why doing so can enhance the Microsoft Teams experience, wherever people are and whatever device they’re using
  • The wider benefits of this approach for your employees and organisation

Take a look to find out more.


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