We're switching things up
so you can too.

Cancel any time
with UltimateFlex contracts.

Let's be straight up: the world has changed.

And if the last year is anything to go by it's anyone's guess what will happen in the next one. Or even next month for that matter.

We get that. We feel it too. And we want to make sure our Wholesale business reflects this new everyday.

Because one thing more than any other is going to help you thrive in the future...



Your customers have to be flexible enough to keep up with people's needs as they adapt

to new ways of living and working.

And you have to be flexible enough to help your customers navigate that change,

whatever happens tomorrow.

That's why all our Wholesale connectivity services now come with

an off switch included

77% of senior IT managers felt their existing networking infrastructure hindered...

the speed and agility at which they were able to respond to the pandemic.

This is why in 2020 we launched #LeadTheRevolution. A philosophy that put action and co-creation at the heart of our business. A renewed commitment to work collaboratively to respond to your needs and those of your end customers.

And NOW, we're proud to launch UltimateFlex as the next step in our roadmap for change.


We're saying farewell to restrictive fixed-length terms and up-front fees.


  • No long notice periods 
  • No hassle. 
  • Just a whole lot of flexiblitiy 


All of our Ethernet, High Capacity and Internet Access services now come with anytime cancellation. Simple as that. 


So whatever tomorrow brings, you can always switch things up if you need to. Or even switch things off...

... But honestly? With monthly rentals that regularly adjust to match with our aquisition prices, we don't think you'll want to. 

What are you waiting for?


After taking your feedback on board we're switching up the way we do business

Anytime cancellation

Anytime Cancellation

Our Wholesale connectivity services now come with anytime cancellation. Upgrade, downgrade, move or cancel your contract any time after the first 90 days without paying an early termination charge. All we need is 30 days notice. 

Benchmarked rates

Benchmarked rates

The monthly rental for installed services will regularly adjust to match our acquisition pricing. And because there's no extra admin for you, you can focus your time and energy where it matters, without the headache of renewals. 

Refreshed tariff

Refreshed tariff

Always get competitive pricing with an improved tariff on all our Ethernet and Internet Access services. Across all bandwidths. 

Price Confidence 

Price confidence

There will be no installation charges or excess construction charges for you to pay, apart from in exceptional circumstances. And with no up-front costs you can manage cashflow better and pass those savings on to your customers. 


What is Engage?

Engage is our 24/7 online account management portal that lets you manage all aspects of your service online. It’s free of charge and available to all of our partners.


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