The big analogue switch-off is under way
don’t keep putting it on hold.

The clock is ticking

Tomorrow’s world won’t work on yesterday’s tech, so the UK’s old telephone network is being upgraded. It’s time to go digital. Loads of organisations and countries have already made the switch and are enjoying faster, more secure networks.

The clock is ticking, so give us a call today and we’ll help you plan and facilitate the change. You’ll be embracing the endless possibilities of digital in no time.

The clock is ticking
What’s analogue switch-off?

What’s analogue switch-off?

OK, here’s the techy stuff: Phone companies across the world are moving from analogue to digital. TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) analogue phone services and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) are being replaced by an IP (Internet Protocol) system. This means organisations will need to review their technology and make changes to ensure everything is digital. It presents a great opportunity, but you must act now to avoid disruption.



“Organisations must realise that any analogue infrastructure will become obsolete. That’s a big deal when you consider core business functions, such as internet and phone lines; not to mention the effect on revenue and customer satisfaction. In the public sector, people’s lives could be affected if action is delayed.”

David Christie, Senior Regulatory Specialist at Virgin Media O2


Get your skates on

Countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands have already gone fully IP in the past few years. In the UK, exchanges have been closing since 2021 and many suppliers have stopped selling analogue lines.

If you still rely on older technology, you’re not alone: 33% of larger firms operate on ISDN and/or PSTN and 42% of SMEs (2.4m businesses) use legacy services to transmit voice data. Don’t get left behind — It’s now time to upgrade to a digital system to keep your business connected.

Get your skates on

Reimagining connectivity

The analogue switch-off is an exciting opportunity for digital change that will have a positive impact on your organisation, its people and customers/citizens. It’s time to think of the bigger picture and set up an integrated infrastructure across connectivity, security and voice.


Accelerate your digital transformation


Simplify your transition to hybrid working


Futureproof your infrastructure


Make your organisation more sustainable


Ready to make the switch?


Go, go, go!

Analogue switch-off is one of those industry changes where you need to get ahead to avoid disruption.

Here’s how to get started:

Analogue swith-off

We’ve got you covered

With 20 years’ experience, 1000+ industry experts and our own network of engineers offering everything from
first line to third line support.

We discover

We get to know your network to maximise technology performance using technical surveys like WAN/LAN audits and an end-to-end Telecoms Audit, and we analyse your physical assets and expenditure.


We advise

Our expertise helps you design the right solution. We use a consultative approach to understand your needs, outcomes and objectives, and find a solution based on your different user types, with a proof of concept to ensure all goes as planned.


We transform

We support your implementation from end to end. Our dedicated professionals help to build, integrate, transition and test. We offer a choice of deployment options, with training and support to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.


We optimise

With end-to-end management and in-life support, we mitigate risk and ensure we meet objectives. Our online training and more help drive end-user engagement, and we perform a thorough health check 90 days after implementation.


Our established network of partners means we can always access the right expertise to provide you with the service you need – along with flexible contracts and an option to have end-to-end managed services.


Connect your organisation with new infrastructure to move away from legacy.



Protect your sensitive data at a
time of
major change.



Empower your people with one of our digital communications solutions.


Read more about analogue switch-off and VoIP solutions



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