Forwards, faster

Partnering with Altnets to support rapid network expansion and FTTP rollout


Forwards, faster

Partnering with Altnets to support rapid network expansion and FTTP rollout


We're all-in for Altnets

Expand your network. Simplify your FTTP rollout plans. And connect customers quicker, with a little help from one of the UK’s leading backhaul providers.

At Virgin Media Business Wholesale, we can provide managed services and unmanaged dark fibre routes across our national footprint — helping Altnets and ISPs to scale their networks and grow their businesses.

We’re here to support your success. And we’ve got the network infrastructure, experience and proven expertise to help you move forwards, faster.


We’re committed to helping meet the government’s Gigabit Britain ambitions by enabling and empowering UK network operators. Ultimately bringing better digital outcomes to communities across the country.

Diego Tedesco, Director of Fixed Wholesale at Virgin Media O2 Business


Let’s talk fibre tax

A five-year fibre tax holiday ended on April 1, 2022. With the growing demand for data-intensive services and the need to get more premises connected to gigabit connections, many industry operators hoped the rates relief would be extended. However, the return of these business rates shouldn’t spell the end of infrastructure investment in the UK.

Find out everything you need to know about fibre tax in our latest guide.

Fiber tax

How we can support your network infrastructure plans


Get where you need to go

  • We’re already one of the UK’s leading backhaul infrastructure providers, underpinning much of the UK’s digital infrastructure
  • We have the second largest fibre network in the UK spanning over 186,000 km
  • We have the largest Dark Fibre network coverage in the UK, available right across the country

Count on us to support your FTTP rollout in 2022

  • Rely on us to help plan and deliver your full fibre rollout plans, working collaboratively to design and implement customised networks  
  • We’ve completed some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects for UK network operators
  • Our major programme delivery process is SLA-backed and trusted by altnets, mobile operators, hyperscalers, broadcasters, carriers and data centre operators alike

We help meet your milestones and enable your business

  • We make our network infrastructure work for you with flexible commercial arrangements that can maximise your investment
  • Our consultative pre-sales teams help you explore all route options and design intelligent solutions to reach more premises and scale faster
  • Our full-service delivery support provides the guidance and expertise required to deliver on your business growth plans

Check out our national fibre network today

Products and Services

Backhaul Network Services

We’re one of the UK’s leading backhaul providers. Whether you require local, regional or national backhaul, we’ve got a range of managed or unmanaged options to suit your needs. Our expert teams are on hand to help assess your full technical requirements and decide which solution is right for you.


Access Network Services

Rolling-out last mile fibre-to-the-premise might be your bread and butter. But we can provide flexible access options if you need them. If parts of your rollout plan are restricted by resources, deadlines or ability to scale, it’s good to know that you have a trusted partner that can help.

Dark fibre

Dark Fibre

An unlit, unmanaged fibre path across our national fibre network. Choose how you use the fibre, which equipment you deploy and the protocols you want to use.

Optical HCS

Optical High Capacity Services (HCS)

A fully-managed, high performance optical service. Available nationally, or locally with Flexi-filter that gives you more control to scale on your terms.

Wholesale Ethernet

Wholesale Ethernet

A cost-effective point-to-point service that's available at bandwidths up to 10Gbps. 


Get dedicated support for next generation network rollout

Why choose Virgin Media Business for your network expansion? We add value to every relationship through our people-focused, collaborative and tailored services:

  • Dedicated team of consultative sales support specialists, available throughout the entire life of your project 
  • In-house network architecture design function with expert pre-sale engineers and solutions architects on hand 
  • Free access to third-party expertise offering guidance on things that effect your business, from policy and regulation to business valuation and business rates 
  • Named Project Manager throughout the delivery and installation process, contactable any time you like
  • Nominated Service Manager for in-life support with recovery and mitigation planning included       
  • Flexible commercial arrangements and payment terms that are sensitive to your rollout plans and investment cycles

More than a network infrastructure provider

We’re here to help Altnets and ISPs reach further.

Our dedicated wholesale teams are invested in your success – helping you leverage our backhaul network infrastructure to expand your network.

We share our knowledge and offer you the expertise to help maximise your capital and improve time to market.

Ultimately, we’re all-in to empower network builders to reach more customers around the UK. 

We understand where you’re coming from, and we know where you’re heading – and we’ve got everything you need to move forwards, faster.


Start a conversation today

Our team is on-hand for a friendly introduction, whatever stage you’re at. Ask us what we can do to help support your network expansion.  

Start a conversation today

Our team is on-hand for a friendly introduction, whatever stage you’re at. Ask us what we can do to help support your network expansion.




What is backhaul?

Backhaul is the term used to describe an intermediate link between an aggregation point and another destination in the network. Generally, there are three types of fixed network backhaul: 

•  Local backhaul takes traffic from the primary connection point (PCP), back to a local network site. The PCP will usually be a street cabinet and the local network site could be a local Virgin Media PoP or BT exchange.

• Regional backhaul collects traffic from a local network site and delivers it to a regional aggregation point where Virgin Media, or another national backhaul provider, has a core PoP. 

• National backhaul takes traffic from the regional aggregation points to a core network site, internet breakout or data centre.

Where can I find Virgin Media’s fibre network map?

You can download our interactive network map by clicking here.

This provides a high-level view of our national fibre network routing.

If you want a closer look at our network, please contact, and we’ll work with you to create detailed route plans.

What is Dark Fibre?

Dark fibre is an optical fibre path between two sites that is unlit and unmanaged. You choose which electronics you want to use to light up the fibre and keep full control of the network end to end from service protocols to bandwidth, enabling virtually unlimited capacity expansion and scalability.

Each fibre is 100% dedicated to your use, which means it's completely secure. It's also a great way to control your costs, particularly when scaling a network over time, because you own the E2E management and maintenance of the product.

Can I buy Dark Fibre on a sales-type-lease?

Yes, sales-type-lease (STL) is one commercial arrangement available on our Dark Fibre routes.

A sales-type-lease allows you to procure a dark fibre route from Virgin Media Business as a one-off CAPEX sale. The service essentially becomes your asset for the duration of a long-term lease, which allows you to use capital up front and recognise the fibre as your own asset on the balance sheet – rather than it being part of an ongoing cost to your business

Also known as Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU), this type of lease provides assurances of a consistent service on a long-term basis.

Is Dark Fibre right for my requirements?

Dark Fibre can be a great solution for organisations with the right skill set and business models to operate, or ‘light’, the fibre. That said, it may not be appropriate for all organisations. At first glance, you might think dark fibre looks like a great alternative to a managed services to take full control of your network, but it
can be easy to miss the bigger implications.

Ultimately, dark fibre needs to be approached with expertise and knowledge, which thankfully we’re able to offer. We’ll help you assess all your options and choose the most appropriate solutions for your needs. All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

How do we work with you?

We’re all about building meaningful partnerships. Our partners’ success is our success. And we’re proud of the partnerships that we build. We love working closely together to build solutions that respond directly to our partners’ needs.

We strive to think differently about how we solve partner challenges. And we’re focused on helping partners achieve their growth objectives. We prioritise people. We think of others before ourselves. We really care. And we work hand-in-hand to connect ambitions to tangible outcomes.


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