Is it time for a digital healthcheck?

Delivering better patient experiences with Cloud Communications

In today’s climate, some of the challenges facing healthcare organisations are more acute than ever. The sector is looking towards digital solutions for:

  • Creating a truly mobile workforce
  • Allowing information to be shared seamlessly between systems
  • Driving more acute patient diagnosis
  • Increasing patient confidence in data security

But 62% of senior healthcare professionals felt that legacy technology was their biggest barrier to digital transformation, according to an iGov survey.

Better outcomes start with better connections

Delivering joined up health and social care – and better patient experiences – is possible with a Cloud-based communications solution.

This can bring voice, video, chat and contact centre solutions together on one secure platform. This empowers your front and back office staff to communicate between themselves – and with your patients – from wherever they are.

In our latest infographic we’ve outlined the digital challenges, and possible solutions, for healthcare organisations today. You’ll discover:

  • The current digital priorities of health and social care decision makers
  • The impact that Cloud-based communications solutions can have on your organisation
  • How a modern network saved a life for one hospital

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