Defend your online business from intruders

Firewalls keep online nasties out of your business and protect your valuable network resources and data. Our service works with our Dedicated Internet Access solutions and is powered by Palo Alto Networks, a market leader in online security.

As well as banning clear threats, our firewall gives you visibility and control of the sites and apps you need and those you’ll want to avoid.

Establishing security can be a formidable and complex task, so why not hand over all the management to us? If you want to manage the policy yourself, we can work together to ensure management is shared and all bases are covered.

  • Simplify your IT infrastructure - With just one provider taking care of your connection and security, you can free up your time to focus on the bigger picture
  • Increase productivity - Manage employee internet usage and ensure appropriate and acceptable usage
  • Cutting edge tech - You’ll be using next-generation firewall hardware from Palo Alto Networks: revolutionary hardware that allows you to set user or group specific policies giving you control and ownership of the rule base
  • Reduce risk - Defend your business from unauthorised access to your network
  • Protect against loss of revenue - Keeping your network safe from fraudsters

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Great for:

Small businesses that need to consider security but also need help managing their solution, then our DIA + Palo Alto 220 or Palo Alto 820 firewalls gives all the benefits of a dedicated internet connection plus:

24/7 monitoring

We monitor your service day and night, so you can concentrate on the important things – like innovating and growing your business.

Threat Prevention

Will protect against known vulnerabilities and exploits that could be used to attack and steal private information or cause denial of service


A cloud-based threat-assessment environment that allows the detection of never-before-seen malware (viruses)


A dedicated team of security experts will take care of everything from installations and policy changes to licence renewals and fault resolution


Great for:

Larger organisations that want to keep a certain degree of control     in-house, but also have increased security requirements our firewall can provide:

Customisable control

Whether you want to retain some control of policies or hand it all over to us, it’s up to you


Co-Managed support so you are able to controland manage simple policy changes on the firewall and view policies but hand the more complex requirements over to us

Control web activity

URL web-filtering licence to give you control over all web activity


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