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Building connections that matter

Powering millions of homes and businesses across the UK is one thing. But for us, it all starts by connecting people. And at Virgin Media Business Wholesale, we pride ourselves on knowing that our partnerships make a difference.

Whether you are simply buying a few circuits, or relying on us for a huge network aggregation project, we are invested in that partnership’s success. Because somewhere down the line, people benefit from our underlying network. And that means something to us.

We’re proud of the impact we make together.


Doing things differently

We actively champion ‘doing things differently’. Challenging the status quo and disrupting ‘channel norms’ in a business model or approach to market.

We ask the questions that nobody else is brave enough to ask. We aren’t afraid to take on a challenge and change direction – even if that puts us in uncharted territory. From commercial innovation to digital evolution, together we can accomplish great things.


Did you know?

UltimateFlex is the first of its kind in the market. The product offers partners unprecedented flexibility and benchmarked rates


Best for business

While our competition are increasing ethernet prices and making it more difficult for businesses to make the case for high-bandwidth connectivity, we are committed to reducing our standard tariff prices


Tuned into the channel

We recently changed our contract annuity model to reflect the channel’s need for flexibility. This has meant taking on commercial risk as an organisation to enable partners to build innovative contracts and secure their own growth



Growth mindset

Growth is our common goal, and we’re focused on achieving that together. We work closely with you – which means truly listening, understanding and building solutions from the perspective of your business, and your customers.

Our products and propositions have your growth ambitions at the core. When you succeed, we succeed.


Reaching out…

By the end of 2023, we will have covered our entire network with scalable architecture supporting 10Gb NE and optical


Did you know?

We’re the biggest contributor to the Government’s Project Gigabit broadband targets, upgrading the UK infrastructure to secure our digital future


Investing in a brighter future

We make multi-million-pound investments in the national HCS network we have across our core sites – supporting the nation’s growing demands for technology infrastructure outside ethernet



Pride in partnerships

End customers’ technology expectations have never been higher. That’s why, together, we’re building the infrastructure for smarter businesses and enabling more connected communities. We do this through fostering real, transparent and honest relationships.

We take pride in our partnerships. From nurturing flexible and innovative partnerships to developing future-facing technology, we’re here to help you go further, and share more with society.


Partnering for success

Our partners form the backbone of our propositions. We run bi-annual roundtables and ongoing feedback sessions to discover where and how we can go further, together


Forwards, faster

We’re helping independent operators build out their own networks at pace and scale by providing backhaul across our core network, and underpinning their network with the performance, quality and certainty of delivery of our own


Did you know?

We are committed to improving the partner experience, currently upgrading our existing API services, so partners can interact with us in any and every way that works for their business



Fancy working with us?

We’re keen to meet new companies, especially those specialising in areas
such as systems and network integration, communications and IT services.

Typically, we partner with:

Network aggregators and internet service providers who will combine our services with similar offerings from other providers


Resellers and partners who may bundle our services to offer complete customer connectivity


Mobile operators who hop onto our network to build and roll out new services like 5G


System integrators who merge our products with their own to create complete solutions


Broadcasters who need reliable connectivity to transmit vast quantities of data


Cloud and data centre operators who will connect their national assets to provide a seamless end user experience


Ready to grow with us?

We’re dedicated to your growth, and we’d be proud to be your partner. If you like the sound of our offering, please get in touch – we can’t wait to hear from you.

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We’re better, connected.


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