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Shop talk: are your customers being served?

As a retailer today, a fast and reliable phone and internet connection is essential. They’re as indispensable as your till and your stock take. Not only can they help you keep in touch with your suppliers and customers, but they can also provide you with the tools you need to help you stand out from your competitors.


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Speeds up to 500Mbps


How can Voom Fibre unleash your business?

Connectivity solutions for retailers

Voom Fibre, our broadband connection, changes your everything. It helps you stop thinking about your internet connection and start using it. With speeds up to 350Mbps, whatever digital transformation you’re planning  - social, Cloud apps, ecommerce, virtual stock control or backups – you can unlock everything. Probably all at the same time.



Provide a great customer experience

Providing a great customer experience is pretty much top of the list when it comes to thriving – or even surviving – in today’s fiercely competitive retail environment.

This includes remembering your regulars – perhaps putting by something for Mrs Jones on Friday - as well as appealing to new customers, with a website or through social media campaigns. 


Meet your customers where they need you

Stock checking from the shop floor makes for a far more efficient (and friendly) way of assisting a customer than disappearing into the stockroom. With WiFi you can free your sales assistants with tablets and support them to check stock levels, answer customer queries and send email receipts direct from the shop floor.


Raise your online profile

A strong online profile can improve your digital marketing and customer reach. On the simplest level, a website can act as a billboard advertising your wares and your address to potential customers (so that they can find you).

To level up you could offer ecommerce (the chance to buy online direct from you) and even live chat (where you have staff on hand to answer customer questions via the website). 

Manage your supply chain

With a great internet connection you can better manage your supply chain and make instant merchandise decisions and stock orders in real time. Information such as inventory management can be shared quickly and easily across stores and with head office if you have one.


Ultrafast from Virgin Media Business is so much better than the stuttering ADSL broadband we replaced. We now have the capability to take to the shop floor and use tablets when we’re helping customers, engaging them in deeper conversation


Use Voom Fibre to get online and support your website

If you have a website, you’ll want an online connection – regardless of whether it supports your high street shop or is the only way you sell to your customer. Our Voom Fibre solution is broadband that offers speeds of up 350 Mbps. You’ll need at least Option 2 to support ecommerce and provide you with a fixed IP for your web server.

You can also tailor each option to best suit your individual needs – for example, if you just can’t afford for your internet connection to go down, you can have a faster response time SLA to ensure the speediest fix times.


"If you just can’t afford for your internet connection to go down, you can have an improved fault response time to ensure the speediest fix times.”


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