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Communication is key, so give your team the right tech

Whether it’s a team of two, ten or fifty, seamless communication is integral to the success of a small business. With the correct communication tools you can invoice, pay your staff, re-stock, answer customer queries and plan the month ahead – wherever you are, sometimes even from the palm of your hand.

What’s more, the emphasis on mobile working is only set to increase, as by 2021, 90% of data traffic will come from mobile devices[1], not to mention the 2.8 hours people spend working on their smartphone every day.

Small businesses simply can’t afford to be left behind when it comes to future-proofing their communications, which is why our business mobile plans come with the latest handsets and great value, flexible data plans, all designed to keep you and your team connected and working in perfect harmony.

It’s designed to be flexible

A strong mobile game can make all the difference for a business, regardless of its size.

Why? Because it means you can arm staff with the right tools to work almost anywhere, at any time, from any device. And that means they can work more efficiently, they can collaborate more easily… and they just might even be more content (flexible working is something 75% of millennials look for).

It’s also essential for the future – by 2021, 35% of the workforce are expected to be mobile workers[2]. 

Feeling a connection?

So, when you’re out and about you want to know you’ll get signal, right? After all, you can’t relax if you’re worried a call with a prospective client might drop out, or those vital reports won’t arrive in your inbox.

Our 4G business mobile SIMs, uses the UK’s biggest 4G network. And when network performance scientists RootMetrics tested connectivity across 16 metro areas, the one we use, was the fastest of the bunch.

But it gets even better. Because you’ll also get access to 250,000 Virgin Media WiFi hotspots across the country. And they’re in some pretty useful places; the London Underground, for instance.

The right tools for the job

It’s not just about the network. Whether it’s collaborating on key projects using the Office 365 app, Facetiming your newest client, or even taking advantage of our generous data plans to turn your phone into a personal hotspot when you’re working on the go, your mobile handset needs to stand up to the demands of truly flexible mobile working.

Whether you’re an Apple fanatic or feel like Samsung is more your style, both models will provide the power and versatility to keep you and your team connected to your business, wherever you might be. With the latest hardware, built in productivity tools and access to over 235,000 business applications through Google Play and the App Store, mobile working has never been easier, or more productive.

Money matters

For small businesses, the cost of investing in new handsets and data plans is always a key consideration. But there’s nothing to fear here. For a start, using messaging apps like Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp won’t eat into your data allowance. For those on individual plans, you get to take advantage of data rollover and make your data go even further each month. And for those that like to divide and conquer, sharer plans can make your life a little easier by allowing you to share as much of your monthly data allowance as you wish, with as many people as you choose in your business.

Investing in the latest handsets for the business needn’t break the bank either. With the iPhone XR starting at just £32 p/m with 64Gb of data and no upfront costs, you can equip your team with the tools they need to be truly mobile, not to mention be chuffed to bits with their fancy new phones.

And if you’re not sure what plan to go for, but you know you’re likely to want to keep increasing the data amount, don’t sweat it; you can change it to one that suits you best as often as once a month, so you’re always getting value for your money. They start from just £13 a month, excluding VAT.

And since it’s between friends…

When you buy any of our handsets or mobile SIMs and our Voom FIbre 2 or 3 broadband, you can save cash* and kit out your business with the connectivity you need.

And if you’re coming from another mobile provider we’ll make sure you don’t lose your existing number (because who has time for that these days?).

Ready to find out more? Get the full play by play on our competitive tariffs and range of voice and data plans over on our dedicated sharer plan page now.

[1] Source: StatCounter, GlobalStats
[2] Ibid.

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