The key to successful smart cities, according to the experts

Smart cities have the potential to revolutionise the way local authorities deliver their services, using digital technology to make vital public resources more efficient, reliable and cost-effective.

But progress is often hampered by the limited technical expertise and resources of many local authorities.

We invited a panel of experts, local government leaders and private sector representatives to discuss their thoughts and opinions on smart cities at our recent roundtable event with New Statesman. 

Guests included London’s chief digital officer Theo Blackwell and Kent County Council’s strategic programme manager Elizabeth Harrison, along with many more senior figures from local authorities and private sector organisations across the UK. 

The discussion was a fascinating dissection of the complex puzzle facing local authorities as they begin their journey towards successful digital transformation.

We’ve captured some of the key talking points in the videos below:

"Everything from poverty to overcrowded housing and bad air could be solved by technology." Theo Blackwell, London's Chief Digital Officer

"Digital is becoming one of the key utilities, people need to be able to access it." Steve Hughes, Citizens Advice Stockport

"We're running a full fibre programme for local authorities to see funding for a range of different projects." Matt Agar, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

The panel touched on a number of topics, from ensuring digital transformation is universal and inclusive for all citizens to making better use of existing IT infrastructure.

While everyone agreed there are no easy solutions to a challenge this big, the potential for greater collaboration between public and private sectors was clear.                                                                                                                               
With long term support from trusted technology partners, such collaboration could be key to a successful smart city strategy.

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