Public Sector

Serve the public in new and better ways with digital technology

Public sector organisations are under more pressure than ever.

People need the flexibility to work where and how they want to, with the right technology to go with it. Citizens want a personalised and responsive service that takes their particular situations into account.

But how do you enable teams to collaborate and deliver a personal service, while keeping information safe? Especially when your budget’s been cut and your IT infrastructure isn’t getting any younger.

You need a new way to enable collaboration that empowers and engages employees, while delivering a seamless and efficient service.

It’s time to reimagine how you do business.






Switch to a flexible, cloud-friendly
network and unlock the full power
of digital transformation.




Empower your colleagues to work from anywhere with a full suite of call features, instant messaging, crystal clear video meetings and more, all underpinned by end-to-end encryption and a solution that grows with your business.




Get faster, more reliable connectivity
than you’re used to, with customer analytics
and a 24/7 service as standard.


Customer stories

Blackburn Hospital

What if a reliable network
could save a life?



Is digital transformation
the key to creating
smarter cities?

Learn how UK local
authorities are making
their cities smarter.


The digital transformation of health and social care

Find out how digital technology
is impacting UK
health and social care.


The digital
readiness navigator

Take our short survey to find out
which digital changes are
right for you.


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