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Putting Cloud Voice at the heart of the customer experience

What separates good customer experience from great?

Every business wants to exceed its customers’ expectations. But in environments like retail, where margins are tight and competition exceptionally fierce, that customer experience can make all the difference to long-term customer retention.

But in spite of an explosion in digital technologies designed to help streamline and improve the customer experience, businesses often lack clear guidance on how to make best use of these tools in their own day-to-day operations.

With 78% of customers actually looking for more interactions with salespeople as technology improves 1, ensuring seamless communication should always be at the forefront of any strategy to improve customer experience.

Cloud-based voice technology can – and should – be integral to this process, whether it’s helping to streamline key interactions with customers or providing greater flexibility for sales teams.

Here’s why…

Frictionless experiences

Getting customer experience right is no easy task. Consumer expectations are always increasing, always pushing businesses to adapt and innovate in order to succeed (or in some cases: survive).

Even so, 84% of customers feel their experience of digital tools and services are still falling short of expectations 2. So how can businesses exceed the expectations of their customers?

The answer doesn’t necessarily lie in the technology itself, but in how effectively it’s used to deliver that customer experience.

Digital tools like cloud-based technology are powerful precisely because of the way in which they manage customer experience, providing everything from direct integration with CRM (customer relationship management) platforms to real-time data insights from call analytics and monitoring.

With greater control and visibility over your voice communications with customers, you can manage spikes in call volumes, direct customers to the right departments and teams with minimal disruption and build a far clearer picture of customer behaviour across multiple channels.

And these insights can help you develop a more responsive, streamlined, frictionless experience across your organisation.

Power to the people

To be blunt: the network infrastructure used to run traditional phone line systems is bulky, slow and inflexible.

Worst of all: sales and support teams can only make and receive vital calls in the office, which severely limits their ability to deliver a responsive, high-quality customer service.

By moving phone line infrastructure to the cloud, you can free your key people from physical offices, giving them the flexibility to work in a way that suits them better and benefits the customers they work with.

When 70% of office workers feel like they get more done when they work flexibly 3, you can’t underestimate the positive impact that could have on your overall customer experience.

Creating a platform for future innovation

Great customer experience isn’t just about the planning for this month, this quarter or even this year. It’s about building a platform that’s stable enough to support long-term digital transformation and capable of adapting to the changing needs and expectations of your customers.

Working From Home - It’s All About Balance

Across the retail sector, businesses are looking at how they can use digital technology to build a smarter, more responsive customer experience, with 38%4 of them seeing cloud solutions as one of their biggest opportunities.

A large part of this comes from the fact that cloud solutions aren’t necessarily contained by limits to hardware or infrastructure, which offers huge potential for future growth and innovation.

You can quickly change network configurations, integrate new applications or roll out the latest software updates – all through a centralised cloud-based platform. So adapting to the needs of your people and the customers they serve becomes a whole lot quicker, easier and less disruptive.

Phone calls are still one of the most important aspects of customer experience, creating that all-important human link between businesses and consumers.

Cloud-based voice technology can help you preserve and enhance that connection, keeping voice at the heart of your customer experience – right where it should be.

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