By Mike Smith, Managing Director (Direct), Virgin Media Business

Getting workers collaborating. Supporting customers remotely. Keeping projects moving.

Technology has played a pivotal role through every single lockdown. And this has allowed organisations to not only survive but thrive in their new everyday.

We recently partnered with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to explore how continued investment in digital technology will power growth and positive change across the UK over the coming decades. 

What we discovered is a £232bn opportunity. A chance to grow whole sectors and boost the economy over the next 20 years, but only if organisations continue the momentum of digital progress caused by Covid-19.

With so much massive change happening so quickly, one thing in particular has the power to hold your organisation’s progress back or drive it forwards faster. Your network infrastructure.  

Getting the foundations right now will enable you to make changes or scale up and down whenever you want, quickly and painlessly. 

Managing the shift from remote to flexible working

60% of young people viewed working remotely positively in spring 2020, according to Deloitte, with seven in ten millennials and two thirds of Generation Z admitting it helps to relieve stress.

Since then, sentiment towards remote working has only improved. A third of work will be remote after the pandemic, according to McKinsey. And 80% of large enterprises now see mobile working as a technology priority, according to our customer research

Longer term, a move to a hybrid model in which employees collaborate across multiple locations – whether at home, the office, or a socially distanced café – is the likely way forward.

If executed in the right way, we could see working life become much more fluid and empowering for employees. 

But to meet these demands and to connect workers seamlessly and securely, leaders will need to continue investing in digital infrastructure flexible and resilient enough to support massive data flows. 

This will enable organisations to improve business elasticity and strength while providing staff with the tools they need to excel in any location. 

Our research with Cebr found that more flexible working will deliver significant gains. And this will enable organisations to revolutionise services for their people and customers. 

And leaders are showing willingness to invest in these technologies and infrastructure. 

33% of UK IT leaders have made cloud a priority investment, according to Computer Weekly, while more than 80% of large enterprises want to improve network capacity.

Seizing the new everyday

Covid-19 has challenged every organisation across the country. 

But it has also presented us with a £74bn opportunity by 2025, which we must grasp with both hands. 

With investment in infrastructure technologies continuing to grow, the quality of your organisation’s networks is becoming even more crucial. 

You need connectivity that will continue to grant you flexibility and security, with the ability to meet increases in demand when and where they happen.

The right underlying connectivity will empower employees to use the tools they need to be productive and effective from any location.

This is a once-in-a-generation chance to define the new everyday you want. One that works better for you, your people and your customers – not just today, but in years to come. 

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