I’m sorry, there was a rule book?

Unmasked: the UK’s biggest disruptors

Do we live in an age where if you think it, technology can do it?

Despite self-driving cars, hyperloops and plans for missions to Mars, the answer is not quite. Many things lie beyond our grasp.

But even surrounded by vast technological potential, using it to create a business that’s not only innovative, but actually changes the rules of how a market works, remains a remarkably rare form of alchemy.

Disruptive secrets revealed

Unicorns – tech startups with an early valuation of at least $1bn – are called unicorns with good reason. They’re incredibly rare, although not quite mythical. And only a few go on to achieve the fairytale ending of being truly disruptive.

That set us thinking. Moving away from the hype surrounding whatever the latest Silicon Valley uber-trend might be, which companies, in cold, hard reality, are out there disrupting their markets? Which UK businesses are rewriting the rules, with their success defining new business models that many of us will inevitably follow as soon as we’ve caught up?

Once we asked the question, we really wanted an answer. And we felt a few million others might too. So we got Fast Track to interrogate their database and research the best-performing privately-held companies in the UK through the lens of disruption. And in a couple of weeks’ time, on the 4th December, the results will be made public in the Sunday Times. This means we’re about to unmask the ten most disruptive companies in the UK, which is rather exciting. So much so that we’ll be writing follow-up pieces about each of them.

High performance platform

The idea is to hold the way they think, talk and behave up to the light so the rest of us can divine the secrets of disruption. That’s because Virgin Media Business’ role in life is to help large enterprises evolve and keep pace with the disruption they face in their industry. After all, to be disruptive you first need a high performance digital platform to get data in, around and back out of your enterprise. And that’s exactly what we do.

We believe the more we understand the firms on the Virgin Media Business Disruptor 10, powered by Fast Track, the more we’ll all be able to take advantage of our digital potential. Meanwhile you can get involved in the run-up to the big reveal by tweeting us who you think the UK’s best disruptors are, using #disrupt.

And remember, of the many things that remain beyond our grasp, disruption isn’t one of them. Even if it feels rarer today than a unicorn’s hind tooth.

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