A Virgin Media Business engineer will install the Super Hub at your premises and will test that the connection is fully operational before leaving

What is standard installation?

A Virgin Media Business engineer will install the Super Hub at your premises and will test that the connection is fully operational before leaving. You’ll be asked to confirm you are satisfied with the installation.

What is enhanced installation with LAN/WLAN configuration?

You may choose an optional service to install the Business Broadband service and at the same time configure up to 15 of your LAN or Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) devices. These devices would normally be desktop or laptop PCs, printers, multifunction devices, network access servers or Ethernet switches. The restrictions of this service are outlined below.

Is there more information about enhanced installation?


  • Configuration is for simple customer LAN/WLAN networks, Virgin Media Business will not configure a customer Wide Area Network (IPVPN) or similar requirement as part of this installation, although an IPVPN product is available – please contact the sales team for more information.
  • Configuration is for new networks only – the engineer will not connect to or extend an existing network.
  • Up to four wired devices will normally be configured and these must be within reach of a 10 metre network (RJ45) cable from the Gateway device. If one of the user devices is a switch, such as the Netgear® FS05 or FS08, then more wired devices can be connected.
  • Ethernet connecting cables will not be fixed in place – it is your responsibility to ensure the leads are safely secured after installation
  • Only devices with supported modern operating systems (please check with us first) will be connected and only if suitable physical and electronic access is granted. This includes administrator access to the network settings area and PCs.
  • Wireless devices must have inbuilt suitable enabled wireless transceivers that support the IEEE standards 802.11 b, g or n.

What other important information is there?

Please note that the Super Hub will not operate at its full wireless capability if slower wireless devices are connected. If inbuilt wireless is not provided the devices must have wireless adapters installed prior to configuration (USB adaptors can be purchased from us as an additional option).
Once the service is installed, please note that Virgin Media Business will not be responsible for the support of your networks or connected devices. However, we will ensure that the provided Gateway device is supported will be replaced should it become faulty.

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