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4G Start-up

  • Set up the 4G USB Stick
  • Install the Hitron
  • Getting the most from the kit


4G Back-up

  • To use the 4G Back-up Service, you must have a Hitron router and an existing Virgin Media Business broadband service Back-up Replacement Guide

4G Back-up Replacement

  • Please only refer to this guide, do not use the one supplied with the new 4G USB Stick




Setting up your 4G Start-up

Find out how to set up your 4G Start-up dongle and hit the ground running even before your installation.


Setting up your 4G Back-up

Find out how you can set up your 4G Back-up dongle and stay connected with 4G if there’s ever a broadband hiccup.

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4G Start-up and Back-up FAQ

What are these products?

4G Start-up Service – this product provides you with temporary internet connectivity via 4G, while you wait for your Business broadband product to be connected. 

4G Back-up Service – this product provides a backup connection that can be used for internet connectivity if your business broadband disconnects.  It will autofailover to the backup connection.

When activated, the backup connection will send a message to our Faults team, who will then proactively work on the fixed broadband issue.  The customer will be contacted to confirm that we are working on their problem.


What is the pricing?

4G Start-up Service is pro-rated according to how long the connection is in place.  For example, 30 days use would be £40.   Sales will be able to give you further guidance on the costs associated with this service.

 4G Back-up Service is £7 per month, and is tied to the broadband contract.  If you only have six months left on your broadband contract, you will to need to re-sign to a new contract to purchase 4G Back-up Service.


What is delivered to the customer to provide these services?

In both instances, (for Start-up or Back-up), a Hitron router, SIM card, USB stick, and USB extension cable are delivered to provide these services.

Instructions are included to enable the customer to self install.


What is the data allowance for these products?

There is no data cap for the use of Start-up or Back-up.


When can 4G Start-up Service be purchased?

4G Start-up Service can be purchased by customers taking any VOOM broadband product, and also Essential Business 100.  Both broadband only & bundle customers can be offered 4G Start-up, but should be aware that this is providing internet connectivity only.

When customers can purchase 4G Back-up Service?

4G Back-up is available to VOOM broadband customers.  It is only currently available for Dynamic IP broadband customers.

It can be offered to both broadband only and bundle customers, HOWEVER, bundle customers should be aware that 4G Back-up will only support their broadband service.  It will NOT back up their voice service.

Are there plans to expand 4G Back-up Service for use with Static IP or Bundle customers?

Yes, we are planning to expand to include single static.  Dates are TBC.

Use of Back-up by Bundle customers, to cover both broadband and voice, is also planned.  Dates TBC.

How does 4G Back-up Service work?

If the fixed broadband completely cuts out, and loses connectivity to the local CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System), which provides data connectivity to the customer, then the 4G Back-up will automatically start.

When fixed broadband connectivity is restored, that 4G Back-up will switch off, and the router will autofailover back to the fixed broadband connection.

Will a 4G Back-up Service customer need to contact Faults when their 4G connection takes over, and fixed broadband has dropped?

No.  Our Faults team will get a notification when your 4G Back-up connection activates.  We will then notify you that we are working on your connection issue.


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