Network changes - FAQ

FAQ for customers e-mailed about upcoming changes to their Ethernet services.

Why are you making these changes?

We’re extending our ultrafast fibre optic network as part of Project Lightning and making a £3bn investment in this area. As a result, we’ll be able to reach more customers.

As part of Project Lightning, we’ll also be decommissioning some older parts of our network. We’ve contacted you because currently your Ethernet service may be impacted by this change. As per the communication we sent you, our engineers will need to do a site survey to determine the next steps.

For more information about Project Lightning, please visit

How much downtime will there be?

We’ll need to a physical check of each circuit prior to any work taking place and we’ll contact you in advance to arrange a mutually convenient date. As a guide though, we anticipate a downtime period of 4 hours per circuit.

Will I be charged for any work?

No. We’re updating our network and want you to benefit from the newer services available.

Will someone need to be on-site when you visit?

Yes, we’ll need a nominated site contact to be present when our engineers visit (both for the site survey and the planned outage work). Please check back to the email we’ve recently sent you but in a nutshell, we need the name and contact details of your nominated site contact and they will then become the primary contact for all future correspondence relating to this work.

If my service is currently off-net but is moved on-net as part of this change, will it affect my contract?

No, your contract remains unaffected by this change.

What happens next? Is there anything that needs to be done in advance?

We’ve contacted you as your organisation has been identified as being in an area that may benefit from our network expansion. We’ve sent you an introductory email and the next step is for our team to do a site survey so that we can establish the best solution for you. After the site survey has taken place, we can plan the work and associated timeframes.

Can I postpone this proposed work?

We’ll work with you to arrange a mutually convenient date for both the site survey and also the upgrade work. However if something happens and it’s essential for you to change the date of the migration, you can do but we need a minimum notice period of 5 working days.

You’ve contacted me but I’m due to cease my circuit soon?

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please ignore the email we sent you and continue to proceed with your cease request following the usual process you use.

My circuit is being used for resilience – will it still be changed? What if my circuit is being used for resilience?

We’ll check this in advance and make sure that the resilience is still in place during the migration. N.B. Please do let us know of any specific requirements you have.

If my circuit is replaced, will my CAL reference number(s) be changed?

Yes. A member of our team will be in touch to let you know the new details.

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