Business phone line over broadband user guide

Welcome to your new phone line from Virgin Media Business

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Before jumping into what you can do with your new business phone line, let’s make sure you’re in the right place and have what you need.

How your phone line is connected

  • -  Read on if an engineer plugged your phone lines into the back of your Hitron broadband router
  • -  If you have a different set up, please find help with your business phone line here
How your phone line is connected

Your handsets

For the following features to work, you’ll need touch tone phones with *, # and Recall or buttons. The Recall or  feature on handsets is also known as timebreak recall.

System PIN

You should already have a security PIN for managing your business phone line. Please keep it safe. You’ll need it to set up and make changes to certain features.

Line by line

Most features are set up on a line by line basis. That means you need to apply the set up or changes to every line you want them to be used on.

Extension numbers

Internal extension dialling isn’t supported – you need to dial the full number of your other business phone lines. But you can use our Quick Dial feature to set up short codes for regularly used numbers.

Here to help

In this guide, we’ll explain how to use the main features of your business phone line. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call on 0800 052 0800, Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm.



This is a voice over broadband phone line and it works differently to traditional phone lines. There are some things you should be aware of:

• If you lose power or internet service to your Hitron broadband router, your business phone line will not work. This includes calls to emergency services

• If you have other services that connect to your business phone line, eg a payment terminal or alarm system, please check with your service supplier that our network is supported


Standard features

The following features are available as standard with your business phone line.  

Description Feature Description

Making Call features
Basic Calls Making a call
Number Present per call If you have permanent number restricted on outbound calls, you can present your number on per call basis
Emercency Services Making calls to the emergency services, and providing your location
Number Restriction per call Ability to restrict presenting your number on a per call basis (if permanent number restriction is not enabled)

Receiving call features

Basic Call – Receive Call Receiving a call
DTMF – Send / Receive Ability to interact with call centre voice menu systems (press 1 for  ...) – requires a phone with buttons of course
Call Hold Ability to place a call on hold
Last Number Announcement  Tells you about the number that last called
Caller Display If your phone supports this, you will see the number of the incoming call displayed on your phone screen, unless they are not presenting their number

What is my number? (Line identification service) If you have forgotten what your number is you can use this feature to find out
Howler A loud noise will be played from your phone if you leave the phone off the hook
Check your setup (Interrogate All Features)  Allows you to check what features have been activated on your phone line

Optional Features

The following features are optional; if you need them you will need to call our customer care team to enable them before they can be used, if they have not already done so. These features are chargeable (except voicemail)

Feature Bundle Features included in
the bundle
Get calls to the right place Call Divert Divert your calls to the destination of your choice (excluding 999 / 111) 
Hunt Group Distributes calls across your lines
Manage Incoming Calls Anonymous Caller Rejection Blocks callers who withhold their number
Call Waiting Let’s you know someone is trying to get through
Manage Outgoing Calls Call Barring Helps you stay in control of costs by allowing you to limit the types of numbers you can call
Last Number Redial Call the last person you called again
Multi-Party Calling Get things done faster by getting everyone on the same call (Max 10 people)
Number Restrict Permanent For when you want your number withheld on a permanent basis
Additional Services Automatic Dialling (Hot Line) Pre configure a number to be dialled the moment you take the phone off the hook
Automatic Dialling (Warm Line) Similar to Hot Line, however gives you 5 seconds to dial before
placing a call after taking the phone off the hook
Reminder Call Use your phone as an alarm to help remind you of important appointments
Quick Dial Store up to 90 numbers and assign short codes for those frequent calls
Voicemail Business Voicemail Never miss important leads
Call Divert – Voicemail Ability to divert all calls, or just when you don’t pick up the phone / or are on another call
Message Waiting Indicator When you pick up your phone, you’ll hear a tone letting you know you have a message, and on some phones, the message waiting light will turn on

Anonymous Caller Rejection

Automatically block all callers who withhold their number.


How it works


1.             Call us to activate if you don’t already have it

2.             Then you can turn it on by dialling * 227 #

3.             Callers who have withheld their number will hear a message explaining that you don’t accept anonymous calls

4.             To turn it off, it’s  # 227 #

5.             And to check whether it’s on or off, you can dial * # 227 #


Only withheld numbers are blocked. Unknown numbers, such as calls from abroad, will still get through.

Automatic Dialling (hot line and warm line)

Set your phone to call a pre-programmed number either as soon as it’s off the hook (Hotline) or if no number is dialled within five seconds (Warm Line). For example, it could be used to make a door phone automatically dial reception, or to create a hotline for calling a local taxi company.


How it works


1.             Call us to set up or make changes to Automatic Dialling

2.             We’ll ask if you for the number to be programmed in and whether you want it to dial immediately (hot line) or allow a five-second wait (warm line) so that other numbers can be dialled too With immediate Automatic Dialling set up (hot line), it isn’t possible to call other numbers from that line.

Call Barring

Take control of how your phone is used. You can stop different types of outgoing calls being made and block all incoming calls if you wish.


How it works


1.             Call us to set up either incoming or outgoing blocks

2.             With incoming call barring set up, you only need to call us again if you want it switched off

3.             For outgoing calls you can manage the types of calls to be blocked from your handset:

Outgoing call type To activate Turn off
All (except free and emergency) *341# #341*PIN#
National and international *342# #342*PIN#
International *343# #343*PIN#
09 premium rate *346# #346*PIN#
Mobile *347# #347*PIN#
084xx/087xx operator and directory enquiries *348# #348*PIN#

4.             To complete a call to a barred number you’ll need to give your system PIN

5.             And to check what call barring you’ve got set up you can dial * # 34 #

Call Divert

Send incoming calls to another number of your choice, or to Voicemail. You’ll be charged for calls diverted to another number (see your tariff plan for details). Calls diverted to Voicemail will not be charged.


How it works


1.             Call us to set it up for the first time. You can then manage it yourself.

  Divert to another number Divert to voicemail
Turn off
All calls
*21* Divert Number (inc STD code) #
*26# #21# or #26#
When your line is busy1
*67* Divert Number (inc STD code) #
#67# or #27#
*61* Divert Number (inc STD code) #
#61# or #28#


1.      If you’ve got Call Waiting activated, calls will only be diverted if you’re on the phone and a call is already waiting.

2.      Diverts calls if nobody answers, if your broadband router is powered down or if it has no access to the network.

Call Hold

Place an answered call on hold temporarily.


How it works


When you’re on a call, press /Recall on your phone to switch on and off of hold.


Note: You can’t use Call Hold with either the Conference Call or Call Waiting features activated.

Call Waiting

Know when another caller is trying to get through to you. You’ll hear a gentle beeping sound, so that you can choose whether to take the new call or not.


How it works


1.             Call us to get the feature set up, then manage it yourself

2.             To turn on call waiting, dial * 43 #

3.             And to turn it off, it’s # 43 #

4.             You can check if it’s switched on by dialling * # 43 #

5.             When you hear the call-waiting beep, you can hang up and answer the new call. Or press /Recall on your phone to put the existing call on hold and pick up the new one.

6.             It’s then /Recall to switch between calls


Note: With Call Waiting switched on, incoming calls will only be diverted to another number or go through to Voicemail if you’re already on a call with a second call also already waiting.

Caller Display

If you have a handset that supports caller display, you can see the number of the caller before picking up (unless they have withheld their number).

Change Number Announcement

If you change your number (eg if you move premises or change provider), you can set up a message to let callers know, and even connect them with your new number.


How it works


1.             Call us to set it up

2.             When somebody calls, a message will play, telling them your new number

3.             The message will play for a fixed period, usually three months

Check Your Set Up

Quickly find out which features are set up on your phone and which ones you could enable. Dial * # 001 # and listen to the message.

Conference Calling

Bring up to 10 people together on the same call.


How it works


1.             Call the first person

2.             Once they’ve answered, press the /Recall button on your handset

3.             When you hear a dial tone, call the next person

4.             When the second person answers, press /Recall to connect the two calls

5.             To add more people, press /Recall, wait for a dial tone and repeat the process


Note: Whoever starts the call pays for the call, and when they hang up the call will end for everyone else.

Emergency Call Divert

Send incoming calls to another number if, for whatever reason, you can’t access your office or business phone line for a while, eg because of a fire at your office.


How it works


1.             Call us to tell us the alternative number and set up the divert

2.             All incoming calls will go through to the new number, until you call us to remove the divert when office back to normal

Hunt Groups

Set the rule to distribute incoming calls on your business phone lines. You can choose to have two or more of your phone lines ring at once, or ring one after another in a set order.


How it works


1.             Call us to activate and set up. There are various options for how calls can be distributed, and we’ll talk you through these when you call up

2.             Once set up, when your main phone number is called, the phone lines will ring in the pattern you’ve chosen

3.             The call is taken at the phone that answers first


Note: Your call distribution pattern will only work when the lead phone number for the group is called. It won’t activate if any of your other business phone lines are called directly.


Using hunt groups with Voicemail


For Voicemail to work properly for a Hunt Group setup, you’ll need to set it up for the main number in the group. Only the main phone number in the group can access the Voicemail inbox by dialling 1571.

Last Number Announcement

Find out the number of your last incoming call, either answered or missed. Just dial 1471 and listen to the recorded message.

Last Number Redial

Automatically dial the last number that called you.

Press the /Recall button on your handset, or dial * # 1 to call.

Number Presentation for outgoing calls

Choose how your number displays to people you’re calling.


How it works


1.             By default, your number will be shown to everyone you call

2.             To withhold your number on certain calls, dial 141 before the number you’re calling

3.             To withhold your number on all calls, you’ll need to phone us to set it up

4.             If you’ve set your number to be withheld on all calls, you can override it on a per-call basis and show your number by dialling 1470 before the number you’re calling


Important: hidden but traceable

If you choose to withhold your number, we hide your display number from the person you’re calling. But your network number can still be seen by us and other phone providers, so calls can still be traced. The network
number is also used by emergency services to identify a caller’s location in the event they cannot speak.

Quick Dial (Speed Dial)

Programme up to 90 phone numbers you dial regularly and call them quickly by dialling a short code.

How it works


1.             Call us to get Quick Dial activated.

2.             Use any number between 10 and 99 as a short code for a phone number. And manage it all from your phone.

Set a short code (any number between 10-99)
*51* short code * full phone number
Call using short code
** short code
Delete a stored number
#51* short code #
Delete all stored numbers #51#
Check a stored number *#51* short code #
Check all stored numbers *#51#

Reminder Call

Use your phone as an alarm clock. Set the time for your reminder and your phone will call you with a recorded message.


How it works


1.             Call us to get the feature set up, and then manage it yourself.

2.             If you don’t enter the time for the reminder, you’ll be prompted with your options.

3.             To check what alarms have been set dial * # 55 #

4.             To cancel all alarms its # 55 #

Alarm type
Turn on Turn off
Same day alarm
To set a reminder, dial * 55 * (time in
24hr format)e.g. to set an alarm call for 5:30pm it’s *55 * 1730 # 
To cancel the reminder, it’s # 55 *
(time in 24hr format) # e.g. to cancel an alarm call for 5:30pm it’s # 55 * 1730 # 
Repeat daily alarm for a set number of days
Dial *55* (time in 24hr format followed by number of days) # e.g. to set a call at 5:30pm for the next 25 days, it’s *55*173025# # 55* (time in 24hr format followed by number of days) # e.g. to cancel an alarm for 5:30pm set for 25 days, it’s #55*173025#
Repeat daily alarm indefinitely By setting the number of days to 00 the alarm will continue indefinitely e.g. *55*173000#

To cancel this reminder,

it’s # 55 *(time in 24hr format) 00 # e.g. #55*173000#

Weekly alarm fixed or indefinite


Pattern codes:

Monday = 1

Tuesday = 2

Wednesday = 3

Thursday = 4

Friday = 5

Saturday = 6

Sunday = 7

Monday to Friday = 8

Every day = 9

Dial *57* (time in 24hr format) * (weekly pattern code and number of weeks) #


e.g. to set a reminder for every Thursday at 5:30pm for the next 12 weeks, it’s *57*1730*412#


And to set a weekly alarm that runs indefinitely, it’s *58* (time in 24hr format) * (weekly pattern code) # e.g. *58*1730*4# will set an alarm for 5:30pm every Thursday indefinitely.

To cancel weekly reminders, dial # 57 * (time in 24hr format) #


Never miss a business call again. Your callers can leave a message if there’s no answer or the line is busy.

·      Check your messages from any phone using your Voicemail PIN

·      Up to 30 messages saved in your inbox

·      Stores played messages for 14 days, unplayed for30 days


How it works


1.             Manage Voicemail settings by dialling from your handset:


  Turn on
Turn off
All calls to Voicemail
*26# # 26 #
Only when line is busy
 # 27 #
Only when unanswered
 # 28 #

2.             If you have a message waiting, you’ll hear an interrupted dial tone when you pick up the phone

3.             To listen to your messages, dial 1571.

4.             You can check your Voicemail inbox from another phone (e.g. your mobile if you’re out and about). Dial the number of the line you want to check the inbox on. When the Voicemail message starts to play, press
* followed by your Voicemail PIN and follow the instructions.

What’s My Number

When you’ve got several lines, it can be handy to check the number of the phone you’re using. It only takes a few seconds – dial 17070 and listen to the message.



You can choose the combination of features that are right for your business. But there are a very small number of features that shouldn’t be used together.

1.            You won’t be able to add a barred number to a conference call (you need to remove the block on the number before starting the conference call)

2.             If you want to use a Hunt Group you should avoid setting up Call Diverts to the main number used for your Hunt Group

3.            It isn’t possible to use the Call Hold feature when you have Conference Calling or Call Waiting activated

How to get in touch

If you’ve got a question or want to talk to us about managing any of your phone features, please give us a call. 0800 052 0800.
The line is open all day every day for reporting a fault. For everything else it’s Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.


Still need help?