Office UC to webex migration FAQs

We’re upgrading our Cloud Voice service.

As a result, your existing Office UC application (including Business UC and Team UC) will be withdrawn from service on 1st January 2022 and replaced with much improved Webex software.

  • Will my existing telephony features be affected?

No, your telephony features (Voicemail, Call Queues, Hunt Groups, Features and Settings) and your existing telephone numbers will remain the same. However, the way you access some of these features through the Webex application will be slightly different. To find out more click here.

  • I have saved ‘Frequently Contacted Destinations’ in Office UC, will these move across to Webex automatically?

Unfortunately, no – you will need to create these again in Webex. The good news though is that Office UC and Webex can run in parallel, which should give you some time to re-create these contacts in Webex before uninstalling Office UC.

  • Do I have to pick the same Webex packages across all users?

No, it’s really flexible meaning you can mix and match Webex packages and choose the right one based on employee need. You can upgrade or downgrade users at any time simply by giving us 30 days’ advance notice. Please contact your Account Manager for more details, alternatively you can call us on 0800 052 0800 (and select option 2 and option 2 again).

  • I’ve noticed on the Google Play Store, and iOS App Store there are several Webex Applications available, which one should I use?

Once the user (or Administrator) has completed the activation process, including confirming the individual email address, the user will receive an email prompting them to confirm their email address. This will open the browser to complete the activation following which the user will be redirected to a page with links to the various Mobile and Desktop application downloads. You can also download the Webex clients for Desktop via the Cloud Voice portal or directly from Cisco Webex.

If you would like to pre-install Webex for users, you can find the download links here:
Cisco Webex | Download
Admin installation guide

Please note: Do not register for Webex outside of the registration process outlined above, as you will need to delete that account to register it with Cloud Voice.

  • I’ve just received an e-mail from Virgin Media Business letting me know my Webex is available, but I can’t see how to access the application?

The email explains that the Webex application has been provisioned to your account. However, in order to access it, you’ll need to complete some activation steps and we’ve outlined how to do this in this guide.

  • I’m a Cloud Voice Administrator. Can I migrate/register my users for Webex?

Yes, you can do this after we have provisioned Webex for your organisation. You will need to reset the users’ application password as part of this process. Once changed the user will be logged out of any active Office UC applications and will need to log in again using the new password. Alternatively, users can also migrate to Webex themselves through the Cloud Voice Portal, as explained here and if they know their password, they won’t need to change it.

  • Some of my users are already registered for Webex, can they have both?

Webex requires a unique email address per user, so you can only have one instance of Webex per email address. If you are using the Webex service linked to your Cloud Voice service, you will need to first unregister from the existing Webex service before attempting to re-register with Webex for Cloud Voice. Alternatively, you can register using a different email address.

  • I’m an Administrator and I’ve forgotten my password to log into the Cloud Voice portal. How do I get it reset?

One of the other Admins for your company can reset this for you through the Cloud Voice portal. Alternatively, you can call our Customer Care team on 0800 052 0800 and enter your existing PIN. If you don’t have a PIN, please use one of the following (depending on your business):
Public Sector: 8855
Corporate: 8866

  • What are the minimum requirements for running Webex?

Windows: Windows 10, 4Gb RAM, Dual Core CPU 2GHz+
MacOS 10.12
: iOS 13.7 or later
Oreo 8 or later (3GB RAM)
For more detail please refer to section 3 titled “Technical Description” within the full product service description.

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