Business broadband speeds

Our business broadband speeds are advertised as ‘up to’ which means that whilst you should normally expect to receive the speeds as advertised, the actual speed you experience will be influenced by a number of factors and as a result it is possible that the speed you receive may be reduced.

We’ll do our very best to make sure that everything within our control is optimised for speed but our network is a shared resource that connects many thousands of users and businesses together so at peak times when large numbers of users are connected speeds may be reduced.

Traffic Management is not enforced on business broadband connections but is enforced on others to help protect network resources. To further protect bandwidths and speeds we operate a fair use policy which is detailed within our Acceptable Use Policy and can be viewed here.

Getting the very best speeds from your broadband connection is in your hands too.  Your own network is shared by many users and devices and the profile of these users, the types of devices, how they are connected and type of applications in use will all have an impact on your speed.

In theory the greater the bandwidth of your service the more devices you’ll be able to support but if you use them all at the same time your broadband speed will suffer. Try to stagger downloading large files or run updates outside office hours to ease congestion.

You’ll need to understand your network to determine if the volume of traffic is appropriate for the service you have purchased.  Too many devices, too much concurrent traffic, hosting of servers generating high volumes of upload traffic may mean it’s necessary to upgrade the service or choose an alternative solution altogether.

Devices perform differently. The cheaper and older the device the less likely it is to deliver great speeds.  If the device is a Router, Firewall or Switch located at the hub of your network then it’s really important that this is up to the job. Keep your devices current.

With most devices connected wirelessly, the configuration and location of your WiFi is very important to ensure best speeds.

If you’re unhappy with the speed of your broadband internet connection then we’ll need to work together to get to the bottom of the problem and to determine the appropriate course of action.  Click here to find out how to report a broadband speed related fault and to find out what we’ll do to resolve the problem.

We’re very proud of our broadband service and confident that customers purchasing the service will love it too which is why we had no hesitation in signing up to the Voluntary Business Broadband Speeds Code of Practice.  You can read the Voluntary Code of Practice: Business Broadband Speeds (2018) here

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