MyBill - new enhancements

We’re pleased to tell you about some enhancements we’re making to MyBill, our online billing portal, to make it more accessible to all users.  The changes below will be in place soon and we have more planned over the coming months.


What’s changing?

An improved online experience, accessible for all

In response to feedback, we’re going to be making several enhancements, including adding support for screen readers, improving keyboard navigation and changing the colour contrasts used within MyBill.  These changes will make it easier for all users to navigate our portal and manage their accounts with us.  We’re committed to ensuring that our platform is user-friendly and accessible for all, and we’ll continue to make improvements in this area.


A new Welcome page and easier site navigation

Our newly designed page clearly signposts all the different areas of MyBill in one place, so you can choose where you go to next.


You can also re-arrange the tile layout of this page, to suit your individual preference.


Multi-month reporting

Visibility of consolidated cost periods over 3, 6 and 12 months (rather than by a monthly view as it is today), helping you to better analyse your charges. 


Introduction of Report Finder

Tailor how you find or create your report using pre-defined menu options, to quickly find the information you’re looking for.


There will be a short period of downtime whilst we conduct some maintenance work to upgrade MyBill with the above new features.  As a result, MyBill will be unavailable for use between 6pm on Friday 24th February until 12 noon on Sunday 26th February 2023.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


MyBill will be back up and running from 12 noon on Sunday 26th February 2023 and the new features will be available from this time onwards.


We hope you find these changes helpful and welcome any feedback on how we can continue to improve our services.