Understanding your subsequent bills

We know you’re busy so we’ve kept your bill as clear and easy as possible.

Understanding Your Bill

Here is a list of the items that could appear on your bill.

Installation charge

This is a one-off charge relating to the installation of your service(s). The charge(s) will appear on your bill after each new service has been fully installed and tested. The installation date is displayed to the left hand side or alongside the installation charge.

Telephone call charges

This shows the cost of all the calls that you’ve made since your last bill. Extensive analysis on your call usage is available through our online billing portal, MyBill.

Line rental charges

We show these on your bill in advance, so you always know where you stand. To make it even clearer, we also show the rental period on your bill – you’ll find it just to the left of the line rental charge. To ensure you have clarity on what you’re paying for, we detail each product you have on a separate line.

Feature charges

These are charges for features like voicemail or call forward. Again, we’ll bill you in advance and show the period you’re paying for to the left of the charge description. That way your charges are always clear.

Here’s an explanation of what you’ll see on your bill

Reoccurring charges – This covers all charges for the forthcoming period

One-off charges – This is where you’ll find things like install charges

Usage charges – This is the sub total of all usage charges since your last bill

Discounts – This is where you’ll find any discounts applied to your bill

Adjustments – If on a rare occasion you experience an issue with your bill or services, this is where you’ll see the amended charge appear

We’ve also put together a bill explainer for you – just click here to view.

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