Reporting a broadband speed related fault

If you are unhappy with the speed of your Broadband Internet connection and would like to report a fault contact our Faults Team.


Our faults team will log your fault on our fault management system and provide you with a reference number that you should quote on all communications.


Many things can affect the speed of your connection so we’ll need to work together to get to the bottom of the problem and to determine the appropriate course of action.


The steps we’ll take to identify the problem are:


Firstly we’ll check the region to which you are connected to see if there are any known faults in the area


We’ll then ask you a few questions about the environment in which our Service is connected such as:

  • Are the devices connected wirelessly or wired?
  • How many devices are connected to your network and what type they are
  • The types of applications in use on your network

To help determine if the problem is with the connection or LAN side we’ll need you to carry out a speed test of the service using


We’ll run some further tests on our network to check configuration and Quality of Service settings, regional utilisation and throughput, any errors including packet loss and any changes in the last mile fibre connection.


If necessary, we’ll send out an engineer to undertake further tests on the connection.


Where the cause of the problem is with our Broadband service we’ll explain what the problem is and work hard to resolve it, keeping you informed all the way.


If as a result of the investigation the problem is identified as being within your environment then we’ll try to explain the possible causes and how these could be addressed.

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