Paper invoice charge

From 1st December 2019, new charge will come into effect for paper invoices.

If you are a ‘Small Office or SME’ customer who currently receives paper invoices from us, as from 1st December 2019 you’ll be charged a flat rate charge of £4 per invoice, per account.

How will this appear on my invoice?

This charge will be applied automatically and will be visible under the line
item of ‘Paper bill charge’ within the ‘Adjustments’ section of your invoice.


I’m billed quarterly/annually – does this impact me?

Yes, the new charge will still apply and you’ll see it on your next bill.


How can I avoid this charge?

Simply register for online billing, via MyBill.


Available 24/7, MyBill offers a host of features and reporting options and you can also have your invoice emailed to you.  Registration is quick and easy, just visit Register MyBill. Please be aware that this registration is not completed immediately, so you should expect a delay in your registration. 


Is there any help and support available for MyBill?

We have a host of Help videos available on our website to support you, just visit help with MyBill.


There are also online tooltips within the MyBill portal. When you first use it, you can choose to have a quick tour of the functionality.


Copy invoice requests

We’d like to remind you of our charges when requesting copies of your invoices.  We’re maintaining the existing charge of £7.50 per invoice, per account which will show under the line item of ‘Copy bill charge’ within the ‘Adjustments’ section of your invoice. 


Again, this can be avoided should you choose to receive your billing online via MyBill.

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