Having issues with your broadband speeds?

Your broadband speeds can be affected by a range of factors which are not necessarily related to network problems.

Slow speeds are not necessarily always related to network problems. They can be caused by many onsite/premise factors such as the positioning of a router, the condition/specification of your equipment onsite and the WiFi channel a router is using. You can check the speed of your business broadband service in a couple of steps – just go to Performing a Broadband speed test

Online support to enable you to get the best speed from your broadband service is also available at Tips for getting the best speeds.

Please do take a look at these useful tips first before getting in touch.

We know it’s frustrating when things go wrong and we’re working hard to resolve any issues.

If you’re still experiencing slow speeds with your Virgin Media Business broadband service after following the online guidance, please contact our Customer Care team.

Virgin Media invests more than £1 billion a year in its ultrafast network. This year we are also investing £200 million to upgrade network capacity where it’s needed to meet the growing demand for faster broadband speeds across the UK.


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