New government encryption standards

The Government Digital Service (“GDS” part of the Cabinet Office) has introduced a higher encryption standard which all service providers, like us, must adhere to. The new encryption standard is called Foundation and GDS has mandated that all providers must complete the migration of services to this by October 2018.

We’ve written to you if you’re impacted and will be working with you to develop a personalised migration plan over the coming months.

In the meantime we’ve put together some FAQs below.

Why are we doing this?

The Foundation encryption standards are regulated by the Cabinet Office, Government Digital Service and the National Cyber Security Centre. These standards ensure that our customers can securely transmit sensitive information and also prevents 3rd parties from accessing this information. The Government Digital Service is introducing a higher encryption standard which all service providers, like Virgin Media Business, must adhere to. GDS’ deadline for ensuring all customers are on the new encryption standard is October 2018.

Will there be downtime associated with this work?

Yes, there will be a period of downtime when the migration takes place but we will work with you in advance to arrange a convenient date (or dates) for when the work can take place.

What’s the duration of the downtime?

We can’t confirm at this stage as it could vary but your Service Manager will be able to advise you in more detail when they work on your personalised migration plan.

Which services will be affected?

IPVPN Encryption Overlay services will be impacted and your Service Manager will take you through this in more detail.

Can we specify when we’d like this work to take place?

Yes. Your Service Manager will be in touch to understand any potential impact to your business and discuss how any disruption to service can be kept to a minimum. They’ll work with you to create a migration plan, taking into account your organisation’s needs.

When will I be notified of the agreed date?

Firstly, your Service Manager will work with you to create a personalised migration plan. Then they will agree a mutually convenient date with you. You’ll receive regular updates via your Service Manager but you’ll also receive a ‘planned outage’ notification via our Change Management department. This will be sent around two weeks in advance of your agreed date and will confirm the date and timeframe. This notification will also contain a Change Reference number, which you can quote in the event of any questions.


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