WiFi is no longer a bolt-on, it’s the core of your customer experience

Virgin WiFi is ideal if you need to support the demands of multiple guests (25 – 1,000s). It’s great for sites hosting many guests such as hotels, airports and multiple sites – such as a chain of retail outlets.

Providing exceptional WiFi is now an essential part of the customer and guest experience. Who wants to be the weakest link? But is it a core part of your Digital Platform yet? Working with Virgin WiFi can mean the difference between your stakeholders liking what you do, and absolutely loving it. It can also give you tools to help you turn your guests’ digital experiences from a cost burden into a new profit centre. We’ll work closely with you to help identify your needs and design the solution that best meets your requirements.

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Advantages of Virgin WiFi

Easy integration

We can integrate Virgin WiFi into your Digital Platform. We can make it accessible for your employees to use alongside your customers and guests. And then we can make any extra data flow across all your systems

New revenue streams

A splash page can become a media space that you own – to deliver whatever digital services or messages are highest priority. Or you could always add the sale of targeted advertising and sponsorship to your business case

Let’s negotiate

We already revenue-share with many of our customers. And we’re always open to new commercial models that can fit our shared needs



Once you’re up and running, you can provide WiFi speeds that would make your standard wired connections blush, across one or multiple sites


The analytics baked into our platform will help you dig down for real insight into customer behaviour

End-to-end service

We’ll work with you to design and install your WiFi. And then we’ll continue to manage everything and monitor the network 24/7

Supporting your customers

If your people need help connecting – or in the unlikely event that something goes wrong – our helpdesk is there 24/7 to make sure every experience is as frictionless as possible


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