The UK’s population grows by around 500,000 a year and pressure is on the property industry to meet rising demand.

Connectivity’s no longer just a luxury used to entice people into high street coffee shops and local pubs. It’s essential to the behind-the-scenes operations of almost every business and high on the checklist of all your potential tenants.

In fact, developers are now providing digital connectivity in new homes and the communal areas – both inside and out – so residents can work and play anywhere.

That’s why WiFi and cellular services should be high on your priority list too – up there with gas, water and electricity supplies.

Under pressure

In 2020, it’s expected that there’ll be 6.5 connected devices for every person in the world2. That’s over 50 billion devices. What does this mean for your build? Simple. You need to factor in serious bandwidth right from the start.

Luxury complexes want to attract top end clients with smart homes, while university new builds and social housing developments need to offer seamless video calls. The reasons may differ but for all builds, connectivity is essential.

Start strong

Connectivity has transformed far beyond basic telephone lines, so buildings across the country have had to be upgraded. It’s an expensive way to do things. Developers are in the unique position of being able to plan ahead – keeping costs low and long-term revenues high.

So it makes sense to factor WiFi infrastructure into the project’s earliest stages. You’ll also increase your property’s value for prospective tenants.

Future-proof your project

Our understanding of WiFi technology is unrivalled. So we can support you on the whole journey – instead of just providing a solution ready for the present and leaving you to pick up the pieces when it inevitably becomes redundant.

Every building is different

That’s why our engineers take full radio surveys and your own dedicated service manager consults with you throughout the process.

For example, the make-up of larger structures can involve materials that prevent signals from reaching people and their devices inside. In this case, we might install our technology within the structure itself.

Our extensive experience lets us work in an agile way and means we’re ready to overcome obstacles where other providers may stumble.

A partner you can rely on 24/7

We’re already trusted by the developers behind some of the most high-profile projects in the UK. The reason is simple: we know our stuff.

No other telecommunications infrastructure provider can match Virgin WiFi’s experience – we’ve been delivering effective WiFi solutions for years, and it shows.

Together we can work out which technologies you’d most benefit from and where they’ll need to be set up. And, our experts are on hand 24/7, so you get the most out of your investment. 

2 Quantum Run’s 2020 Future Forecast.

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