Giving local sites a dedicated connection

Ethernet Point-to-Point is a way to connect multiple sites on a local area network (LAN). You can also link LANs together to create a wide area network (WAN). Perfect if you have multiple offices that need fast and reliable access to centralised corporate resources.  

Our Ethernet Point-to-Point circuits provide you with your own connection for secure, resilient, end-to-end solutions and have the flexibility to work with VPNs.

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The advantages of our Ethernet point-to-point services

Flexible high-speed service

Our Ethernet Point-to-Point circuits throttle up from 2 Mbps to a blistering 10Gbps, you tell us the speed you need.

Want to go faster? Our High Capacity Services turbo charge to a staggering 100Gbps

National Ethernet

Ethernet Point-to-Point is great for connecting sites located within 25km of each other. If you need a wider network than this, our National Ethernet option connects Point-to-Point circuits to cover greater distances.


Fixed charge

There’ll be no surprises appearing on your bill; everything is upfront and transparent.

Virtual Local Area Networks (V-LAN)

If you want to give a network its own site, you can create a V-LAN and segregate it from the rest of the LANs that make up your Wide Area Network

Uncompromising security

Benefit from dedicated superfast fibre connection all to yourself. Security doesn’t get any tighter


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