Offer your customers more from their retail experience – from checking reviews and receiving tailored offers, to joining your loyalty programme without having to carry a pocketful of plastic.

Offer them Virgin WiFi.

Our commercial-grade WiFi transforms the in-store shopping experience for your customers and staff, boosting your operational efficiency, improving stock control, and unlocking real customer insights. 

Know your customer

Offer customers an experience tailored to them, by targeting your in-store messaging and offers to their demographic and preferences. Plus, by analysing the behavioural data at your fingertips, you can drive people towards high-revenue items.

Targeted promotions

Increase footfall, dwell time and average spend thanks to targeted promotions via in-store WiFi. Knowing your customers means you can give them the right message, at the right time, on the right device.

And with fast, free WiFi, they’re receptive too. In fact, 74% of shoppers said they’d be happy to receive a text or email with promotions, while logged onto a store’s WiFi 1.

Improve your customer experience

Fast, secure in-store WiFi allows sales staff to use mobile devices so customers can pay on the shop floor – with no need to queue.

WiFi also lets shoppers go online to read product reviews or compare prices in-store. Research shows that after checking in-store on their mobiles, 34% of shoppers (the largest percentage) went on to buy in that store1.

Better operational efficiency

Automate time-consuming stock control and inventory processes, to free up staff time and improve stock management. Then stretch these benefits out across your entire supply chain and amplify the rewards.

Offer more in-store

Use WiFi for a whole host of other operational and customer-facing services, like digital signage, Epos, CCTV, in-store music and vending machines. Each offers a wealth of new data, helping you to continually improve and stay competitive.

Tailored to your business

Creating a dynamic in-store WiFi experience can be a challenge, especially in high footfall locations. Do you build a whole new network or overlay on top of your existing WiFi infrastructure? Are there options that don’t require major hardware upgrades? And what about branding and costs?

Our platform integrates your different data streams, providing you with a service that’s perfectly suited to your business and its requirements. And because it’s tailored to you, you’ll always have all the most relevant information, at your fingertips. 

A partner you can rely on 24/7

Virgin WiFi is much more than a hardware install. Our service combines technology with decades of experience and expertise – letting you offer your customers more in-store.

Our service centre is open 24/7 not only for your staff but for every one of your customers too. We monitor your system remotely and can often fix issues before you even know there’s a problem. And, in the unlikely event of an issue we can’t fix remotely, we’ve nationwide engineers on standby.

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