Login security options

Your passwords, usernames and logins are valuable to internet fraudsters. They can use this information to gain access to your network, and may cost you money, time and damage to your reputation.

Two-factor authentication arms you with an extra layer of login security. It generates a unique single-use code that is entered along with your usual details.

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Benefits of Virgin Media Business Managed Authentication Service


Block unauthorised access to sensitive information such as billing records and financial reports

Service continuity

Downtime isn’t an option. MAS is distributed across multiple data centres so you can be sure your users get access when they need to

Minimise overheads

You don’t need any infrastructure investment to get up and running with MAS. All you’re looking at is simple and affordable monthly per user costs



Comprehensive reporting and auditing tools are built-in, helping you to avoic the expense and inconvenience of compliance failure

Maximise productivity

Give your IT team the chance to concentrate on unlocking your digital potential rather than fire-fighting authentication issues. Let us manage it all for you

Get up and running fast

MAS should integrate with all your current equipment so deployment is usually simple


How Virgin Media Business Managed Authentication Service works

Our Managed Authentication Service (MAS) uses two pieces of information to make sure people are who they say they are: a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and a token.

The PIN and the token together create a single-use password that identifies the user before allowing them access.

We offer a choice of tokens suit various types of users. Choose between hard (a key fob) or soft tokens (on your mobile device) BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and SMS tokens.

Our on-line portal makes it simple for you to manage both users and their tokens with:

• An easy-to-use dashboard for day-to-day management
• Automation from user provisioning, set-up and self-enrolment, through to reporting facilities


The techie bit


Strong two-factor authentication


Choose from Hardware, Software, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and SMS Tokens

Supported services

Any RADIUS device – virtually all network access devices, websites and applications


Multiple data centres distributed globally

Access control

User and group-based control with support for RADIUS attributes


Managed via a secure web-based portal and has extensive automation for user set-up, provisioning and reporting


Active Directory synchronisation agent simplifies management and automates deployment of tokens


View, save and export multiple reports via a web-based portal and set-up reports for automatic distribution


Your choice of tokens

Key fob

The most popular tokens. Simple and durable, just press a button to generate your single-use password.

BlackBerry, Android, iPhone

App-based two-factor authentication without the hassle of carrying any more devices.

Software and GrIDs

Authentication software is ideal for remote or contract workers.

Supported services

Any RADIUS device – virtually all network access devices, websites and applications


You don’t need to install anything to use this token – it works on any mobile phone.


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