Ultrafast WiFi for large numbers of users can be tricky. And with exhibitors running demos and streaming content for their stands, the quality of your WiFi becomes critical.

Constant connectivity isn’t just for stands and presentations, it also needs to cover your exhibitors and visitors’ ever-expanding collections of personal devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearables. 

Plus, there are behind-the-scenes operations to think about. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly taking hold, with more and more appliances and devices communicating with each other. It all requires seamless connectivity. 

Tailored to you

We can adapt your logging-on process, either to make it simpler for users, or so you can unlock more information. 

You can choose whether to charge users for access, or offer a free service, paid for through advertising. And, our services aren’t branded – the log-in portal and landing-page URL are left free for you to make your own.

Help with high footfall

Different venues call for different solutions. The sheer volume of visitors means networks must be ready to stand up to heavy use without compromising on speed or reliability. We can advise on what’s best for you, and then build and run it accordingly.

A network to rely on

Our engineers are dedicated to proactively monitoring our network – it means we can jump on any issues straight away. They’re as obsessive about the performance of our network, as you are about your venue. Plus, our service team are available 24/7 to both your staff and your customers. Now, that’s true peace of mind. 

Scale with ease

We can run multiple services over your network, from mobile and Unified Communications, to WiFi, Cloud Access, and video conferencing.  And that means you can choose solutions that work best for your venue. 

Venues that work for people

Choose WiFi that allows you and your clients to collaborate more effectively. Virgin WiFi gives everyone more flexibility to access corporate email, folders, calendars and more – securely. It’s smarter connectivity – from the meeting room to the hot desk to the café – so everyone can be much more productive.

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