Virgin WiFi powers over 120,000 hotel rooms across the UK. Here’s how we can help you improve your guests experience – and keep them coming back.

Connectivity is no longer a luxury; your guests expect to find it immediately, whether they’re in the lobby, their rooms or sipping drinks by the pool. One study found that free WiFi comes ahead of breakfast in the priority list for most people, while half of all business travellers say it influences their choice of hotel1.

Improve guests’ experience

Review sites and social media are so common these days, that it doesn’t take long for word to spread if a hotel doesn’t have good WiFi. And when that happens, you risk losing business.

Virgin WiFi gives you much more than just a tick in the great WiFi box. Instead of relying on outdated pay-per-view systems, you can also offer guests the chance to stream content directly through their TVs, or from their phones over WiFi, to the larger screen.

It’s not just for guests

Connectivity can revolutionise the way your hotel staff keep everything running smoothly, from powering self-service check-in screens that free up employees, to giving housekeeping teams the ability to report breakages immediately.

Take data-driven decisions

Every WiFi connection in your hotel, whether it’s servicing guests in their rooms or helping staff in the lobby, collects data whenever it’s activated. And you can use this information to help you make better business decisions.

For example, you may spot that most of your guests own iPhones – so you could make these chargers available in each room. Or you could work out how many of your guest are actually using the gym or the restaurant and then promote them accordingly.

The quicker you highlight these trends, the sooner you can act to cuts costs and improve your guests’ experience.

Why choose Virgin WiFi?

Great WiFi in your hotel takes a little more time than setting up a router in the lobby and giving your guests the login details – especially if you want to deliver the levels of service people now expect. Meeting the speed and reliability needs of such a large group of people requires specialist skills and experience.

That’s where we come in.

We work closely with some of the country’s biggest chains, including Premier Inn and Travelodge to deliver corporate and public WiFi solutions that keep customers connected and operations running smoothly. 

A partner you can rely on 24/7

Unlike many of our competitors, our WiFi solutions can be customised with your own branding so the landing pages guests see, are yours. If you choose this, they can look the same as the rest of your site and we aren’t mentioned. Neither are any advertisers (unless you want to sell space, of course). And our team of specialists is on hand 24/7 to offer guidance, to you or your guests.

1 The Research+Data Insights survey 2016

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