ADSL2 guide

What is the product?

Business Broadband ADSL2+ is a high speed ‘always on’ broadband connection to the internet and internet services such as e-mail, web pages etc.Business Broadband ADSL2+ enables the connection of more than one PC to the internet using the ADSL 2+ router.

What to do if you have a Local Area Network (LAN) issue

The SuperHub has four LAN (or Ethernet) ports. Confirm the cables are seated correctly and re-start the connected devices.

Virgin Media Business has no management or configuration over the LAN connection. Please perform diagnostics with your IT department.

What to do if you have a billing/account issue

For all billing and account issues, please contact Virgin Media Business’ Customer Services on 0800 052 0800 and select the correct option. They are available from 8am - 6pm.

Please note that the Faults team is unable to process payments.

If the lights aren’t showing as above restart the SuperHub with the button underneath the unit on the right –hand side. If the lights are still not showing as above, check the phone line with a working handset to see if there is a dial tone. If there is a dial tone call us on 0800 052 0800.

If the lights are correct plug a PC or laptop directly into the ADSL2+ router using the RJ45 cable and restart the PC. Check the phone line with a working handset to see if there is a dial tone. If there is still no connection call us on 0800 052 0800.

What to do if you have an intermittent Internet Connection

Check your PC is directly connected to the Cable Modem via a RJ45 Ethernet cable. If it continues to drop, note down how frequently it happens and call us on 0800 052 0800.

What to do if you have slow speeds

Check your PC is directly connected to the ADSL2+ router via a RJ45 Ethernet cable, confirm no other users on your LAN are using the Internet and visit a speed test website

If slow speeds are shown, note the detail and call us on 0800 052 0800.

What to do if you are having email issues

If you cannot receive emails, first check that your inbox is not full. If it is then you might want to clear/delete some emails to create some space.

If you cannot send emails, confirm whether you are sending via our SMTP relay server. If you are, please check that it is typed correctly If not check your email server for any errors.

When calling us, please provide details regarding to whom the email was addressed, who the email was from, when it was sent and any bounce back errors.

What to do if you have wireless issues

Wireless issues can greatly vary. Wireless range and single strength can change based on the location of the Superhub (within your premises) and the Wireless adapter you’re using.

You should also try changing the wireless channel from Auto to Manual then specifying a specific channel for the hub to use. There are tolls you can use, such as inSSIDer to see which wireless channels in your area are used the least -

What to do if you cannot connect wirelessly

Some older wireless adapters will be unable to see the SSID Broadcast when the customer “You” attempt to connect to the SuperHub Wirelessly. This requires diagnostics before attributing this issue to the SuperHub.

Firstly ensure the Wireless LED on the side of the SuperHub is on and green (3rd Light).

Make sure your PC / Laptop has the wireless adapter enabled correctly (some laptops have a switch / function button to disable the Wifi Radio). Connect a PC /Laptop by cable to the SuperHub and access the configuration pages on Enter the Advanced Settings and select “Wireless Settings.” Lower the 802.11 Mode to 54g and set the Security mode as WPA-PSK[TKIP]. Reboot the SuperHub and see if the PC is able to see the Broadcast wirelessly. If you still can't connect make sure you have the latest available drivers installed for your Wifi adapter.

Normal operation will have:

Top – WAN (flashing green/blue) Middle – Ready (solid green) Bottom – WLAN (green/blue)

What to do if you have no Internet Connection

Check that power is going to the ADSL2+ router (known as SuperHub) and the cables at the back are seated correctly. If the SuperHub has power, check the light status.

There are three indicator lights on the side of the unit, each indicating different functions:

Top – WAN (green) Middle – Ready (green) Bottom – WLAN (green)


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