Landline geographic and non-geographic number porting

Your Porting Process Explained

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Retaining Your Telephone Numbers

When ordering new services from Virgin Media Business with telephone numbers, you may wish to retain your existing numbers. There is an ability tomove numbers from your existing service provider to your new service with us (a port). This can be provided following a telephone number porting process, which is outlined in more detail below

United Kingdom 01 and 02 Geographic numbers can be ported to your new service. These Geographic numbers can be used with our following services:

  • - Business Exchange Line (BEL) analogue lines,
  • - Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN30) connections,
  • - Centrex,
  • - Session Initial Protocol (SIP) connections,
  • - Cloud Voice Hosted IP Centrex solutions.

United Kingdom 03, 08 and 09 Non-Geographic Numbers can also be ported to your new Customer Contact Solution, Inbound Voice service

Porting Overview 

Porting involves the original range holder of your Geographic or Non-Geographic number (or numbers), onward routing the calls from your existing service provider to us. This enables you to retain your telephone numbers when changing to our services, noting only telephone numbers are ported and not the services.There are two types of landline porting that Virgin Media Business supports. These are:

  • - Geographic Number Portability (GNP).
  • - Non-Geographic Number Portability (NGNP)

Who is Involved in the Porting

There may be three entities included in the porting process of your requested telephone numbers

- Range Holder; this is the Communication Provider who owns the number range with the numbers originally acquired from Ofcom.

- Losing Communication Provider; this is your existing Communication Provider who you want to port the number away from their services.

- Gaining Communications Provider; in thisinstance this will be Virgin Media Business who will port your telephone numbers onto our services

Porting Process  

You need to complete a Letter of Authority (LOA) to initiate your porting request. Please ask your Virgin Media Business representative, or call our Customer Care team on 0800 052 0800, for a copy of the relevant LOA, as there are different standard industry GNP and NGNP LOA templates to be used.

The LOA must be (i) on your own organisation branded letter headed paper, (ii) all content within the LOA template completed on the one page, (iii) signed by someone with the authority within your organisation to do so and (iv) dated.

Your signed GNP and/or NGNP LOA(s) must be saved in a non-editable format, such as a PDF because Losing Communications Providers will not accept an LOA if it is editable.

When completing an order for new services with us, an order form will be completed with you by our sales agent, which will include your preferred port completion date. The order will be validated bychecking the content is correct and the port dates are available.

We will send your signed GNP and/or NGNP LOA(s) to the Losing Communications Provider who will either accept or reject the requested port. If there is a rejection from the Losing Communications Provider they will provide thedetails for why it is rejected and we will re-engage you to correct the necessary details and re-submit the request to them.

Once the Losing Communications Provider accepts the port request, we will communicate to you theconfirmation of the port and date. Test calls will be made before the port to ensure the number is live and working and then the port will be triggered on the confirmed date. Confirmation that the port has been successfully completed will be communicated to you.

There are Single and Multi-Line landline ports. A Single Line port is associated with BEL, ISDN and IP Centrex, with one telephone number allocated. Multi Line ports are associated with ISDN30, SIP, Cloud Voice and IP Centrex, which have ranges of telephone numbers or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) groups that terminate on equipment

.Our team will agree a porting date with you based on the type of port it is (GNP, NGNP, Single Line, Multi-Line and volume of telephone numbers) following industry standards, subject to a correctly completed LOA, completed order form and accepted port request and date with the Losing Communications Provider.

Range Holder Agreements

Please check with your Virgin Media Business contact that we have an agreement in place with the relevant original Range Holder (or Range Holders), as this is required to enable any porting requests.

We have a large number of agreements in place and these include British Telecom, Colt, Gamma,Kcom, Level 3 (Global Crossing), Mintaka (Dialoga), Orange Business Services, Talk Talk (Opal and Totem), Telecom2 Ltd., aql Wholesale Ltd. (Telephony Services Ltd. and Telserv), Verizon, (MCI) and Vodafone (Cable & Wireless, Bulldog, Energis, Thus and Your Comms).

Porting Service Credits

If you have requested to port a telephone number to us from a Losing Communications Provider, we will aim to complete the port within the time scales set out in the relevant service level agreement foryour new service(s) once the port date has been set following the process outlined above.

If we fail to port a phone number within the specified time period, you may be entitled to receive a service credit subject to the terms of the applicable service level agreement.

Please refer to the relevant service level agreement for your new service(s) for details on the available service credits and how to claim them.

If you are entitled to receive any service credits under your service level agreement, they can be requested by contacting our Customer Care Teamon 0800 052 0800, or by sending a query

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