Voicemail guide

We're dialling up our service

We're dialling up our service

At Virgin Media Business we're always looking for ways to improve your service and with that in mind, we're pleased to bring you a new, simpler and easier to use voicemail service.

Want to check it out now?

You will be able to access the new service just as you do today by dialling 1571 from your landline.

If you would like to get familiar with the new service before then, just dial 1572. You can access the menus and set up your preferences on the new system, but you won’t actually get any messages here until you’ve moved over to the new service.

The first time you access the new voicemail service we’ll guide you through the menu options.

So, in summary...

By dialling 1571 it will allow you to access your live voicemail platform.

Dialling 1572 before you’ve been moved lets you explore the new voicemail service and allows you to set up your preferences.

Dialling 1572 after you’ve been moved gives you access to any saved messages or un-played messages on your old voicemail service for a limited period.


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