ADSL guide

What is the product?

The Business Broadband ADSL product is an ‘always on’ connection to the internet and internet services such as e-mail and web pages.

Business Broadband ADSL supplies a connection to your premises.

This is normally a wires only solution and the customer will require an ADSL router to connect. Normally the service is provided on a wires only basis i.e. without a router. You will need to have a router however to ensure that service/connection to the internet is possible.

You have no Internet connection

Check the configuration of your router (including Radius logins) and light status as per manufactures manual. Once the confirmed configuration is ok and the router has been reloaded, check the PSTN line by plugging a working phone into the line and check to see if there is a dial tone. Swapping the microfilter can resolve some issues.

Once your own kit has all been checked, contact us.

You have an intermittent Internet Connection

Check your PC is directly connected to the Cable Modem via a RJ45 Ethernet cable - if it continues to drop, note down how frequently it happens and contact us.

You have slow speeds

Check your PC is directly connected to your Router via a RJ45 Ethernet cable and visit a speed test website

If slow speeds are shown, note the detail and contact us.

You are having email issues

If you cannot receive emails, first check that your inbox is not full. If it is please clear space.

If you cannot send emails, confirm whether you are sending via our SMTP relay server. If you are, please check that it is typed correctly - if not check your email server for any errors.

When calling us, please call provide details on who the email was to, who the email was from, when it was sent and any bounce back errors.

You have wireless issues

Business Broadband is ‘wires only’ so please consult your Routers Manufacturers guide.

You have a LAN issue

Business Broadband is ‘wires only’ so please consult your Routers Manufacturers guide.

You have a billing/account issue

For all billing and account issues, please contact Customer Services.

Please note that the Faults team is unable to process payments.

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