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The challenges facing the Energy and Utilities sector are unique. You need to work within tight (and new) regulatory frameworks. Consumers and government demand uninterrupted services. You often have to operate within physically challenging environments, while planning for and coping with, population growth and other market forces.

We understand your needs and can help you to adapt and thrive in a changing world. After all, like you, we provide services delivered over a network and operate in constantly developing environments – both physical and regulatory.

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Create a competitive edge in the developing Open Water market

With the launch of Open Water, the water industry has joined gas and electricity in moving to a competitive market (for business customers at least). As new risks and opportunities arise, it becomes more critical than ever to have a robust digital platform to support your business as it grows and changes – often at speed. We can provide the platform that allows you to adapt to those challenges: you’ll be able to manage new partners, service new customers, roll out collaboration tools to increase people’s mobility and flexibility, and reach out into new geographies.


Unleash your operational efficiency

We can make your IT infrastructure work harder for you. Our UK-wide network supports you with reliable data and voice communications, so you can maximise your operational efficiency. With a dedicated connection such as a VPN (virtual private network) or Managed Internet Access (sometimes called a leased line), you can monitor telemetry data in real-time. You can even use technology like GPS tracking to instantly locate the nearest team of engineers to investigate and fix potential faults. And that means a faster, more disruptive way of working.


Future-proof communications

In March 2020, BT is withdrawing support for the Analogue Private Circuits used in much telemetry monitoring. We can support you with a seamless changeover to low-cost, resilient IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) solutions using ADSL and 3G backup. Extra-robust, it’s ideal for exposed environments - including damp - and works with existing telemetry hardware. Be among the first to take full advantage.


Support your staff on any site, anytime

We own one of the widest networks in the UK and operate more than 40 regional offices throughout the country. This means we’re well placed to help you support your staff wherever they are, and to act quickly if any asset needs repair. Our mobile services and virtual private networks mean staff can access data securely, from any location. And we can also provide you with the connectivity you need to help you monitor your most precious assets, whether you use CCTV or other monitoring equipment.


With Virgin Media Business, I don’t have to worry about a lack of bandwidth holding us back


Communication solutions, whatever
you're trying to achieve...

  • Refresh your core IT infrastructure
  • Build your capability for analogue switch off and a digital future
  • Support smooth transition to new operating models 
  • Sharpen your competitive edge through digital innovation
  • Support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices
  • Improve connections for staff working from remote locations
  • Support telemetry and remote monitoring of equipment
  • Set up flexible satellite offices
  • Control and track the data coming into and out of your organisational walls
  • Ensure a robust approach to data storage
  • Create a secure end-to-end security strategy
  • Maintain the security of your devices, networks and connections
  • Make cheaper calls with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Cut your operational costs by sharing resources
  • Explore cost efficiencies of the Cloud
  • Benefit from labour saving applications
  • Enable your team to easily share applications and data
  • Promote security of systems and data
  • Ensure security of sensitive and customer data
  • Share network resources (and costs) across regions and teams
  • Explore new ways of communicating with your customers
  • Make contact with digital savvy consumers and businesses
  • Ensure your frontline digital services are robust and effective
  • Exploit customer relationship management solutions (CRM)

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