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Regional collaboration creates a more joined up Public Sector, with greater best practice and better end services. The same is true for commercial organisations as they also move to a shared services and partnership model.

Collaboration is multi-faceted. Inside organisations it applies to cross-employee, team and functional working (and can involve different locations and departments). It also can be seen when different organisations work together (this could be with customers, suppliers or business partners).

According to our research (2015 Oxford Economics) the most successful digital organisations actively seek open and collaborative partnerships. They understand their value and seek out the right partners to engage with. When markets are disrupting in quarters, not decades, no one business is agile enough to respond to the ever-increasing demands. Building relationships with the right third-party providers, who can expand your organisation’s capabilities and drive greater value, is essential.

That’s why working with the right technology partners, (that would be us here at Virgin Media Business) is a critical success factor as you create a collaboration agenda.

  • Enable your team to easily share applications and data
  • Promote agile working with partners and suppliers
  • Promote security of systems and data
  • Share network resources (and costs) across regions and teams
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  • Refresh your core IT infrastructure
  • Build your capability for analogue switch off and a digital future
  • Support smooth transition to new operating models 
  • Sharpen your competitive edge through digital innovation
  • Support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices
  • Improve connections for staff working from remote locations
  • Support telemetry and remote monitoring of equipment
  • Set up flexible satellite offices
  • Control and track the data coming into and out of your organisational walls
  • Ensure a robust approach to data storage
  • Create a secure end-to-end security strategy
  • Maintain the security of your devices, networks and connections
  • Make cheaper calls with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Cut your operational costs by sharing resources
  • Explore cost efficiencies of the Cloud
  • Benefit from labour saving applications
  • Enable your team to easily share applications and data
  • Promote security of systems and data
  • Ensure security of sensitive and customer data
  • Share network resources (and costs) across regions and teams
  • Explore new ways of communicating with your customers
  • Make contact with digital savvy consumers and businesses
  • Ensure your frontline digital services are robust and effective
  • Exploit customer relationship management solutions (CRM)

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