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Unwrite your future is a series exploring how digital transformation can help we, Enterprise IT, take charge of our futures.


What would you like to transform?


Your performance is only as good as your hardware and apps. 


It’s a cloud-based, work-anywhere, access-everything world now. 


Your digital strategy needs be to part of your DNA – at every level. 


Master data management, streamline your business.


Sharing ideas and data with other businesses is now vital to survive. 


Engagement is tricky, but cracking it means real customer loyalty. 


The golden rule of digital transformation - revealed

Jo Watts, Head of Emerging Technologies for Virgin Media Business, talks about gaining the digital edge, and staying ahead of the rest, by being bold. 

Plus, discover why the future is already an exciting place for many UK businesses.


The rewards of transforming your working environment

More and more businesses are creating smarter work spaces by thinking differently. 

 Want to find out exactly what they're gaining?


Inside the mind of a Digital Leader

Our Digital Opportunity Report made it clear that Digital Leaders value the six key capabilities.

Discover how they’ve embraced digital, and why everyone isn’t a digital leader – yet.


Who owns what happens next?

For many larger enterprises and organisations, digital disruption isn’t a natural state of being.In fact, 28%* of IT leaders feel their organisation's infrastructure isn't ready to support digital transformation.

This opening piece in our ‘Unwrite your future’ series looks at how you can become a digital leader and rewrite your future, starting today.


Ready to unwrite your future?


Meet the organisations transforming themselves.



From faulty taps to zebra crossings, this council have it covered. 



Helping a London funeral director modernise their business.



Rolling out the red carpet at cinemas with the power of digital.