With 4G business mobile SIMs

Business today comes down to communication. The ability to make connections, swap information, and sell. To invoice, pay, re-stock, answer customer queries and plan the month ahead – and all from the palm of your hand.

That's why our mobile services run off the UK's biggest 4G mobile network, which offers 98% population coverage countrywide and access to 250,000 Virgin Media WiFi hotspots when you're out and about. When your people can collaborate on the move, business never needs to stop.

What’s more, you can make more of your allowance with data-free messaging, data rollover, and Roam Like Home – which means you can use your mobile in the EU, and pay no more for your texts, data and minutes than you would in the UK.

Not sure which plan is best for you? Don’t worry. You can change it up to once a month, if you like.

So, let’s get connected.

Special Offers

Save £5/month* on Voom Fibre Options 2 and 3 business broadband packages when you bundle with a 4G SIM or save over £600 with Voom Fibre 3+ that includes our fastest broadband speeds, a dedicated landline and 32GB from just £69/month.

And now introducing business mobile. With the latest Samsung and Apple handsets available with a range of data plans and exclusive discounts on Voom Fibre, there's never been a better time to unleash your business.

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Meet the SIMs

Unlimited UK calls and texts if you want them, and data-only options if you don’t

Get £5 off Voom Fibre Options 2 and 3 business broadband when you bundle with a 4G SIM*


Call & data plans


  • Unlimited UK calls and texts
  • 3GB data 
  • 4G network speed
  • 12 month contract 

£13.00 pm


Call & data plans


  • Unlimited UK calls and texts
  • 8GB data 
  • 4G network speed
  • 12 month contract 

£18.00 pm


Call & data plans


  • Unlimited UK calls and texts
  • 16GB data 
  • 4G network speed
  • 12 month contract 

£20.00 pm


Call & data plans


  • Unlimited UK calls and texts
  • 32GB data 
  • 4G network speed
  • 12 month contract 

£23.00 pm


Data only plans


  • 16GB data 
  • 4G network speed
  • 12 month contract


£16.67 pm


Data only plans


  • 32GB data 
  • 4G network speed 
  • 12 month contract


£20.83 pm


* Discount applies to standalone and bundles. SIMO + Voom Fibre” discount is applicable per Voom Fibre circuit
 Not linked to volume of SIMs i.e. Single £5 discount per Voom Fibre circuit 

Save more with Voom Fibre 3+

Save over £600!** Our fastest broadband speeds, a dedicated landline and mobile SIM with 32GB of data


Business Broadband

Voom Fibre. Option 3+

Speeds (up to)

350Mbps download
20Mbps upload

Fault fix time SLA


(24/7 support)


Great for:

Sole traders, Skilled traders, start-ups


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Dynamic IP or up to 5 static IPs
  • Hitron WiFi router
  • Dedicated landline with unlimited calls


  • 13 x Static IP (+ £5 pm)*
  • 12 month contract (+ £5 pm)

With Voom Fibre 3+ the world is your workplace...

  • 32GB of mobile data on the UK's biggest 4G network
  • Unlimited mobile calls and texts
  • Data-free messaging on Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp on your mobile
  • Mobile data rollover
  • Roam Like Home

Business Broadband, Dedicated Landline and Mobile SIM

£69 a month

Includes line rental

24 month contract



   Open Mon-Fri, 8am - 6.30pm


** Based on a comparison of a 24-month contract Voom Fibre 3+ bundle with the standard Voom Fibre 3 package (+ additional charges for 32GB SIM and SLA).

Call us on 08000521135

Our UK based sales team are open Monday - Friday, 8am - 6:30pm

Make the connection today


Enjoy 98% coverage across the UK's largest network.


Exclusively access 250,000 Virgin Media
WiFi hotspots when you’re out and about.


Take advantage of data-free messaging on Twitter, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and enjoy data rollover.



Get unlimited UK calls and texts.


Use your mobile in the EU and pay no more for your texts, data and minutes than you would in the UK.


Already got Voom Fibre business broadband? You could save £5 a month when you bundle with our 4G SIMs.


Installation & switching

One point of contact makes life simple, plus:

  • You can keep the same number(s)
  • It’s easy to get your mobile or tablet unlocked: call your existing network for an unlock code, put your new Virgin SIM in your device and enter the code.

Legal stuff

Virgin Media Business Mobile SIM Special Terms

Inclusive Calls

Plans include UK calls to UK landlines (01, 02, 03) & UK mobile networks. Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man mobiles and premium rate telephone services or numbers are excluded from any call allowances. Inclusive text message  and data allowances are for use in the UK only.

Data Rollover

Any data included in your plan that is not used in any calendar month will be added to your data allowance for the next calendar month. Rolled-over data is used first before your regular data allowance. Data can only be rolled-over once and any unused rolled-over data will expire at the end of the calendar month in which it is rolled over to.

Data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter

Tweets, messages, pictures and videos sent through the above applications on any smartphone will not count towards your monthly data allowance.

Calling functions (voice or video) on these applications will continue to count towards your monthly data allowance, as will live video streaming on Twitter.

Once your monthly data allowance has been reached any further use of data that month including any use of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter, will be charged at a daily rate of £3 per 1GB or part thereof (rounded up to the nearest gigabyte and resetting at midnight each day).

When roaming outside of the UK use of data for these services will be charged in line with our normal roaming charges which can be viewed at

Discount on Broadband with Samsung Galaxy S9+ Offer:

^ Separate contracts apply to home broadband and mobile services. Offer available to new Voom Fibre 3 customers only.  Offer is £25 p/m month discount off the standard price of Voom Fibre 3 broadband (currently £52 a month) when you purchase a Samsung S9+ mobile handset with 32GB SIM on a separate 36-month mobile contract (Mobile handset and SIM for Business). Discount continues for as long as you remain on the same plan. Discount will no longer apply if you leave or change your plan. Broadband and mobile products must be purchased at the same time to get this offer. Only available via telesales, on number provided. Prices are stated exclusive of VAT, applicable at 20%.  


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