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At Virgin Media Business, we’re proud to work with the smallest, sparkiest start-ups to some of the UK’s largest enterprises and public sector organisations; helping to unleash digital potential.

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Who are they?

“But we were rapidly running out of server space and I often questioned what we would do about backup – we didn’t possess physical security or offer resilience in case of an outage. That was a plate I didn’t want to be spinning. And that’s where Virgin Media Business changed our life.”

Dan Cluderay, Founder and Owner


“I was introduced to the team at Virgin Media Business, and when I spoke to them, I was told that one of their cables ran down the side of my premises and, accepting the challenge, they said ‘I bet we can get that into your building. I bet we can get you ultrafast broadband.”

Reggie Patel, Managing Director


“Our previous internet connection was not viable for our business. We had pestered our suppliers, for years, and were giving serious consideration to moving premises. We eventually spoke to Virgin Media Business and they were willing to take on our challenge.”

Andy Watson, Founder and Director


“Ultrafast from Virgin Media Business is so much better than the stuttering ADSL broadband we replaced.”


Jim Donnelly, Director


“I no longer take work home and have sleepless nights about file transfers. I can’t put a number on the hours that have been freed up, but we’re clawing back numerous days a month, freeing up far more production time.”

Anthony Michael, Founder and Director


“The last thing you want to worry about is your network. And we don’t need to worry about ours. It just works. And that is key to our performance as a business today and how we continue to develop in the future,”

Nadine Thomson, CIO


“Through working with Virgin Media Business and SENSEi we could see the benefits of introducing tech to assist our processes. It doesn’t change our work, it just makes everything more efficient.”


Simon Dyer, Director


“The team at Virgin Media Business advised us on what we could achieve with our existing investment in Microsoft licences to achieve the tech vision we wanted, and that was representative of our entire experience with Virgin Media Business.”

Chinonso Orekie, CTO


“The Virgin Media Business team was on hand to support us, providing guidance on more effective use of IT and – working with its partners – was able to demonstrate solutions that gave us confidence in the upgrade and the long-term viability of our digital vision, and eventual move to the cloud,”

Graeme Quinn, Lead IT officer


“Virgin Media Business arranged workshops to discuss the upgrade. Getting the resilience right end to end was essential because this was to be our key delivery link. Around 80% of services would be in Microsoft Azure.”

Steve Durbin, Interim Head of IT