A reassuringly secure connection to the Cloud

Shifting your data to the Cloud offers a suite of advantages that make old systems look clunky in comparison. But while accessing your data from anywhere is handy, it can mean compromising on security and speed.

Cloud Connect ties up these loose ends. Using your VPN connection, it provides a private and secure link to services including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. All the storage and computing resources and tools you need with the performance and security you’d expect on a private network.

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Advantages of Cloud Connect

Secure, private access

There’s no need to negotiate with the big, wide Internet to get into your stuff

Improved performance

Faster and more reliable than standard Internet connections

Quick implementation

We’ll have you set up within 10 days if you’re an existing customer - no physical build required


Robust, resilient connectivity

Rely on an exclusive VPN (Virtual Private Network) for a fantastic level of service

Customisable, quick speeds

Access data and tools at up to 5Gbps speeds. Flex up and down as you need to

Service level agreed

Rest assured – we’re offering uncontended and guaranteed bandwidth with business-grade SLAs


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