Michael Nash: a slow internet connection? That’s so last year

“We’re clawing back numerous days a month, freeing up far more production time.”

Anthony Michael, Founder and Director, Michael Nash


Operational goals

A slow and old-fashioned ADSL line was slowing file transfers right down. This creative agency wanted to bring their upload speeds in line with their ambition.

Virgin Media Business Digital Solution

We provided a dedicated and uncontended line via Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).


Instead of waiting around, delivering work on USB drives and even taking work home to upload, the agency is now able to get files over to clients in ultrafast time and use their extra time for production.


Digital aims and operational goals

At the cutting edge of popular culture for the last three decades, creative agency Michael Nash makes some of the biggest names in music look utterly fabulous with its artwork. It’s also perennially du jour with globally renowned fashion labels and high street brands.

In a building lumbered with ADSL connections and struggling to deliver files to media and printers, Michael Nash’s broadband was way off trend. Founder and Director Anthony Michael recalls how he often had to go home and pass the baton to his home internet connection.  Because it was so much faster.

“I’d often load up a USB stick, take work home and transfer from there. And on occasions, we’ve even been known to burn work to a hard drive and deliver by hand.

“While I would grow frustrated at the prospect of trying to transfer a file over one of my three ADSL connections - with its miniscule upload speed - I’d feel equally ashamed at letting other businesses down who we collaborate with in the office. Quite simply, the broadband in our building wasn’t fit for purpose. And our business was being slowed right down.”

Our role

Devoid of hope for a connection that befitted their aspirations, not to mention file sizes, it was an encounter in the street with a Virgin Media Business engineer that injected the much needed #VOOM.

A meeting with an Account Manager and a cup of tea later, the ultrafast ambitions of Michael Nash were set to become a reality. Courtesy of a dedicated and uncontended line via Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), their speeds were boosted. And, importantly, their upload speeds are now the same as their download. That transformed the business, yet no additional budget was spent.


“The first time I noticed the difference was when I tentatively pressed ‘go’ on a file transfer, walked away to get my coat, only to spin around and see the file had transferred. I hadn’t even had chance to put my coat on!

“I no longer take work home and have sleepless nights about file transfers. I can’t put a number on the hours that have been freed up, but we’re clawing back numerous days a month, freeing up far more production time.”

A quantum leap in bandwidth and even helping businesses sleep better at night? DIA is sure to be in this year’s ‘must have’ collection.

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