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Transforming customer experience through mobility

Creating fantastic customer experience is one of the cornerstones of any good business. Whether you’re putting the time and effort into developing great relationships with clients or ensuring you provide a consistently excellent service, making time
for the people who matter most to your organisation is a sure-fire recipe for success.

However, delivering perfect customer service to an increasingly tech-savvy audience who have come to expect a seamless, next-generation experience is no small feat! In the quest to give customers the best possible experience, technology is the first and best weapon businesses have at their disposal. As consumers become increasingly reliant on mobile devices as their primary means of engagement throughout the value chain, it’s vital that businesses themselves have the tools to be able to respond in kind, creating a flexible, digitally cognizant customer service model that exceeds all expectations.

One of the key challenges comes from the fact that more than ever before, customers and clients are using new technology to interact with businesses in a highly flexible way. Whether they’re on their mobile on the way to work, or at home on the laptop, your customers expect to be able to engage with your business across a multitude of platforms, and in a way that perfectly suits their current circumstances. In essence, you must be mobile enough to consistently add value to the experience of your customers, no matter where or how they choose to reach out to your business. The Deloitte Consumer Review notes: 

In today’s digital world, it is more and more about the end consumer. The overall customer experience will be determined by how seamless and effective the experience is across the entire value chain.1

How then does a business rise to meet the next generation demands of their customers? Quite simply, they adopt the technology and the practices of the consumer and use it to hone their own competitive edge. When you consider that people spend, on average, 2.8 hours each day working from their smartphone, mobile becomes the obvious platform for a business looking to provide great customer experience across the value chain. Whether you’re out of the office or even out of the country, you’re always easily available, delivering the seamless, professional experience your customers have come to expect from your business.

Embracing enhanced mobility isn’t just about interacting with customers through technology however. It’s about identifying key areas in your value chain and giving your business the ability to deliver perfection in a way that benefits you and your team as much as it benefits your customers. With the power to work flexibly and efficiently at your fingertips (or in your pocket), you can spend your time where it truly matters. 

For example, let’s say you’re on the way to a meeting with one of your oldest, most valued clients when a potentially massive new lead comes through. Rather than having to make a difficult choice that could potentially damage the relationship with an existing customer or sacrifice the potential for new business, you can use your smartphone to help your team in the office manage the new lead, while still putting in essential face time with one of your best customers. Just like that, you’ve leveraged your increased mobility to deliver exceptional customer service right through the value chain; successfully managing a new lead while continuing to build great business relationships with your core clients.

Evidently, the very concept of customer experience is changing rapidly. Whether it’s through smartphones, laptops or tablets, people expect to be able to engage smartly and seamlessly with every business, from brand new start-ups to the established players. For businesses, the challenge now is to step up and continue to exceed customer expectations in a mobility-oriented marketplace. Whether that’s leveraging business mobile solutions (including Mobile Sharer Plans), to provide a responsive, attentive service, or taking advantage of increased mobility to get out of the office and develop amazing relationships with clients, it’s clear that mobility must now be at the heart of exceptional customer service.


P22 - The Deloitte Consumer Review | CX Marks the Spot: Rethinking the customer experience to win. (2016)  

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