Why you should think mobile, first

Digital by Emma Gribben

June 15th 2017 

Digital by Emma founder Emma Gribben has helped startups, SMEs, brands and agencies achieve amazing results by overhauling their digital marketing. 

Following her brilliant talk at the Belfast stop of our Voom Tour, we’re sharing some of her advice to help your digital marketing hit the spot. 

First up, she says, “You know your business inside out, but others don't know your story.”

You have to tell them...

In a way they understand: People spend on average two hours on social media every day, watching videos, tagging friends and commenting on content. 

On the channels they use: If you have a very young audience Snapchat is going to give you cut through, but unless you’re a business talking to other businesses, are you really going to find consumers on LinkedIn? 

In your own language: Potential customers want to know about you and your brand in a way that’s natural to you. Speak in your own language and be authentic.

“Start with mobile and build it from there. If you are not mobile optimised, you will lose out.” Emma Gribben


So, where do you start?

Own your space: Do you have your brand name out there across Google search, Google Business, Google locations, social media, website and industry forums? 

Know your audience: You can't be all things to all people so get clear about who your most valuable customers are and focus on them. 

Experience: Give your potential customers or clients something new and exciting. Clearly tell them what makes you stand head and shoulders above your competition!

Why start with mobile?

Emma’s challenge is, “Start with mobile and build it from there. If you are not mobile optimised, you will lose out.” 

And she can back up this advice with solid research. Have a read of these and then see if you can justify letting your mobile languish: 


  • Consumers spend 15+ hours per week researching on their smartphone. 
  • And visit mobile websites on average six times. 

It all starts with search

  • 74% searched on mobile using a search engine (rather than a branded mobile site or app). 

Right here

  • 69% of consumers expect businesses to be within five miles of their location.
  • 10% expect businesses to be less than a mile away. 

Right now

  • After mobile research, 55% of customers want to buy within the hour. 
  • 83% want to buy within a day.  

Money where their mobile is

  • 93% of people using mobile for research, go on to make a purchase (most in physical stores).

Are you mobile first?

Test your website with this free Google tool:

It’s easy to use and helps you understand the basic performance metrics for your business’ mobile-friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed. You can also test how long it takes your site to load at

Just push play

Once you’ve got mobile down, you need to focus on video. 

“I see video as a mega trend on the same order as mobile.” Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg recently told investors. 

It’s the way consumers want to interact with brands online. And it’s a much more engaging way to reach them.

More from the tour

These insights were taken from Emma’s talk at the Belfast stop of our Voom Tour. Find out more about Digital by Emma, here. And for more advice (in the flesh), check out where our big red Voom Tour bus is headed to next.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


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