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We’re looking back on some highlights from this year’s Power of Digital breakfast briefings to see how small businesses are transforming the digital landscape.

If we’ve learned one thing from this year’s start up events, it’s that small businesses and SMEs are uniquely placed to take advantage of the wealth of digital tools and technology available to them. What’s more, huge numbers of them are already creating, innovating and succeeding in the digital sphere, often in ways we never even imagined!

 We’ve put together a series of short highlight videos from our Power of Digital breakfast briefing events in Glasgow, London, Manchester and Nottingham that showcase the potential small businesses have when they make digital the driving force behind their growth. 


Watch Out For: 
Cally Russell, CEO of Mallzee, on thinking digital first to help your small business scale, strategies for achieving global connectivity with customers and ‘electric powered hairdryers’. Also, take a peek at how Virgin Media Business are improving digital infrastructure in Scotland and empowering one of the top start up cities in the UK.


Watch Out For: 
Marketing and engaging with customers in a digital world, gaining a deeper understanding of your audience and co-founder of Yoyo Wallet Michael Rolph on the joys of data obsession! We also hear from Virgin Media Business’ Head of Digital Ben Sefton on how SMEs are the growth engine of the UK economy.


Watch Out For:
Starting out digital and avoiding a costly transformation, embracing the cloud and advice from Lauren Riley, Link App founder, on how good digital strategy can be the key differentiator when creating a successful small business. Plus, how voice and internet solutions can empower small businesses and help them achieve their full potential. 


Watch Out For:
Getting the tone right on each social media platform, evolving with digital technology and some great advice on squeezing the most out of the wealth of online resources available to SMEs, including using ‘freemium’ tools. Plus, pointers from Laced founder Natalie Moores on creating SEO and PPC campaigns that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of a small business.

 It’s becoming increasingly apparent that SMEs are the driving force behind digital transformation in the UK. Voracious in their adoption of new technology and pursuit of innovation, SMEs are already revolutionising the digital future and fundamentally reshaping  the way we think about business. Now available to download, ‘The Road to Digital Futures of SMEs’ is an excellent and comprehensive study that examines the opportunities and challenges facing small and medium sized businesses as they take command of the digital sphere.

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