The Cube: fostering innovation with superfast bandwidth

“We’re making the most of our unique fibre optic network to deliver the connectivity start-ups need to get their venture moving in the right direction.”

Araceli Camargo, Founder, THECUBE


Operational goals

Innovation was being hampered by insufficient bandwidth, meaning residents at THECUBE struggled with the most straightforward tasks.

Virgin Media Business Digital Solution

We provided flexible, secure, carrier-grade 1Gbps internet access.


We delivered the flexible, super-fast and dedicated connectivity that startups and fast-growth businesses need to get their venture moving in the right direction.


Digital aims and operational goals

THECUBE, an organisation in London’s Shoreditch, is feeding the UK start-up revolution by offering an incubation space to fast-growth businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s giving businesses the space and infrastructure to share ideas. And by collaborating with Virgin Media Business it now has the technology to help put these ideas into action.

The individuals and small businesses working from THECUBE are at the centre of commercial growth in Britain. Like every modern office, THECUBE is dependent on technology for a productive environment, but insufficient bandwidth and long contracts were getting in the way. THECUBE was determined to solve the problem with new ways of working, by putting technology and innovation at its heart.

These days most people work in open plan offices to encourage collaboration, yet despite best efforts there is often a lack of innovation within these working environments. THECUBE is a shared space in London’s Shoreditch that’s on the frontline of innovation and collaborative working - by doing things differently. It defies conventional approaches and brings business brains, friends and competitors together under one roof.

As more tenants moved in, THECUBE was finding that it needed to continually change its telecoms service package in order to provide residents with the tools they needed to thrive. The main problem was that as demand for desk space grew, so too did the demand for bandwidth, and the previous network couldn’t keep pace.

Our role

A secure business-grade, dedicated internet connection from Virgin Media Business provided the solution. This has given THECUBE’s fast-growing businesses access to the kind of highspeed internet infrastructure that’s often only available to large enterprises. With unconstrained, lightning-fast internet access, THECUBE’s residents can use as much or as little as they want, without caps or outages. Without bandwidth constraints, they can focus on innovating and growing their business.

THECUBE’s internet connection is delivered via Virgin Media Business’ Big Red Internet, which has unconstrained bandwidth at lightning speeds. This means that as THECUBE’s internet connectivity demands increase, it has the bandwidth ready and waiting, without the need for costly upgrades.

“We’re making the most of our unique fibre optic network to deliver the connectivity start-ups need to get their venture moving in the right direction. Not many workplaces are designed to help innovation to thrive; it happens despite the environment rather than because of it. THECUBE is trying to do things differently, so that brains are brought together rather than kept apart, and technology is used to help things happen rather than getting in the way,” said Araceli Camargo, Founder, THECUBE.


THECUBE’s business-grade connection is offering start-up businesses the superfast speeds and fat network connections that have traditionally only been available to big organisations. THECUBE was built to offer a highly innovative and collaborative environment and Virgin Media Business is providing its entrepreneurs with the technology to ensure they can grow the best of British business.

“You can’t always see people as competitors, you’ve also got to see them as collaborators if they have complementary skills, and innovate together then commercialise those thoughts in different ways. In setting them free to work how they need to, the technology needs to be practically invisible, and just work no matter what they throw at it. The new business-grade connection means our customers can do whatever they want whenever they want – and lightning-fast – allowing innovation to thrive,” said Araceli.

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