Security issues raining on
your Cloud parade

Introducing Cloud Connect

There’s no need to compromise on security.

While 64 per cent of organisations with more than 500 employees use cloud services, entrusting your data to an open architecture can be problematic.* There are inherent security risks and some have resorted to a ‘keep-em-crossed’ approach.

Not any more. Virgin Media Business has just launched Cloud Connect, which provides all the benefits of cloud computing – without any compromise around data security.

Cloud Connect is a private, dedicated and resilient link directly to your Cloud Service Provider (CSP). It offers all the speed and flexibility associated with cloud, but with watertight security.


The connection is exclusive to you. And as it’s not reliant on public internet access, there’s no degradation of your voice or data experience.

For our existing customers Cloud Connect operates via their current VPN. If that’s you, your business could be enjoying guaranteed, uncontended bandwidth with super-low latency – at speeds of 50Mbps to 5Gbps – in just ten days.

So if you’re already in the Cloud, you can now stay there with more confidence. But if you’re not, now might be the right time to have another look.

As we all know, allowing colleagues to pick up tasks anywhere, any time and on any device makes for a far more agile organisation. There are also substantial savings on hardware and maintenance costs. And because cloud services are scalable “pay-as-you-consume” propositions, they’ll keep up with the changing demands of your teams - from last-minute projects to recruitment drives and unforeseen busy periods.

New entrants, business models and digital innovations are creating dynamic disruptions in their markets – impacting incumbent businesses in profound and unimagined ways. So the need for secure yet always-open, always-on cloud computing has never been greater.

We’d love to talk to you about Cloud Connect.

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